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Anime has been influencing streetwear for decades. Research suggests that skater brand Hook-Ups were one of the first streetwear brands to include anime in their collection when they featured manga-style artwork on their gear in the 90s. Since then, the streetwear industry has seen an increase in its inclusion of anime-inspired designs, thanks to a whole new generation of designers who grew up watching shows like naruto, Dragon Ball Zand Sailor Moon. Brace yourself otakus, as we review the ten best anime and streetwear collaborations.

  1. Akira X Supreme

The Supreme X Akira 2017 Fall Collection premiered online and in-store in November 2017. The campaign featured original artwork from the manga series. It also included custom graphics that pay homage to both Akira and the New York-based streetwear label (like Tetsuo wearing Supreme’s infamous logo t-shirt). Supreme X Akira presented a collection of clothing, outerwear and accessories with simplistic designs that capture your attention without being too busy. Each garment had a minimalist swag that allowed customers to focus on attention to detail.

  1. Vans X Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Vans X Pretty Moon Guardian Sailor Moon premiered June 10, 2022, online and in-store. The designs in the collection were inspired by Sailor Moon themes of love and friendship, with remixes of the series’ iconic wardrobe and colorways that honor its infamous pastel aesthetic. Vans X Sailor Moon included original designs that mix characters like Tuxedo Mask and the pretty sitter herself with signature Vans logos (like their checkerboard print and slogan: “Off The Wall”).

  1. Dragon Ball Z XAdidas

The Dragon Ball ZX Adidas campaign was a visionary masterpiece that featured a strategic attention to detail that no one was prepared for. The capsule included eight pairs of kicks released in a four-part series between September and December 2018. Each drop featured a hero vs. villain mashup inspired by some of the most iconic fights in DBZ history (except for the last series, which was dedicated to Sheron).

Each character was represented by a different Adidas silhouette. The kicks were designed to completely embody each character, from combat armor and kanji to texture and skin tone. To top it all off, when you stack the shoeboxes in the order they come out, they come together to reveal a big picture.

  1. naruto X Jordan

Inspired by Konohagakure’s Jonin, the naruto The X Jordan collaboration features the Jordan Air 200E SP with the infamous Green, Black, Red, and Tan colorways. Fans may recognize characters like Kakashi. The kicks were created on Nike.com on May 18, 2022, in collaboration with the naruto X Jordan Zion collection. The immaculate meticulousness of the Jonin is meant to pay homage to Konoha’s most elite shinobi uniforms, such as:

  • A cream-colored bandage that wraps around the toe of the shoe.
  • The swirling crest of the Uzumaki clan is inlaid on the tongue and right insole.
  • The Hidden Leaf Village leaf symbol is engraved on the back of the shoe.

5. BAIT X Astro Boy X Reebok

Released on Reebok.com on May 21, 2022, BAIT X Astro Boy X Reebok has included a pair of shoes from the Reebok catalog designed to emulate the concept of Osamu Tezuka’s infamous sci-fi hero: Astroboy. The first pair was the retro Instapump Fury with hues reminiscent of Astroboy’s design. The patent leather exterior of the kick was decorated with mechanical details that resemble the internal anatomy of a robot.

6. BAPE X Pokemon

BAPE-X Pokemon premiered online and in Bape stores on October 31, 2020. The collection included apparel and accessories for men, women, and kids in bright and monotonous palettes. At BAPE X Pokemoncharacters like Gengar, Snorlax and Mankey received the MILO makeover from BAPE and were printed on the bodies of tote bags, graphic tees, crop tops and hoodies.

The collection included many original designs with character mashups and collages guaranteed to spark nostalgia (like starter three Pokemon t-shirt with the infamous trio of Nintendo classics Pokemon Red and Blue).

seven. Hunter X Hunter X Hypland

Hunter X Hunter X Hypland premiered on Hypland.com on May 21, 2021. The drop featured trippy designs and patchwork prints guaranteed to turn heads. Characters like Yippee, Hisoka, Chrollo, and Feitan can be found on hoodies, graphic tees, and sweatpants with color palettes inspired by the character’s essence. As a bonus, Hypland has released intricately designed wall rugs with life-size embroideries of popular couple Gon and Killua that are so cute you just want to snuggle up to them.

8.Nike X Doraemon

The Nike X Doraemon SB Dunks premiered on September 05, 2020. The construction of these kicks is to clean, featuring a white leather exterior covered in “photo blue” suede overlays. The bright blue and white color scheme is nicely complemented by bold accents of red, which provide a soft aesthetic that’s easy on the eyes. The bold red laces contain hints of yellow meant to symbolize the bell on Doraemon’s collar. The brightness of the hightops perfectly captures the kawaii essence of the Doraemon series, which is undoubtedly one of the most successful anime franchises of all time.

9. AAPE by A Bathing Ape X A play

AAPE by A Bathing Ape X One Piece premiered on September 28, 2018. The capsule was filled with mashup designs incorporating iconic AAPE patterns, like their crimson AAPE camouflage, with subtle references to the Straw Hat Pirate crew (ex: the BAPE mascot rocking Monkey D. Luffy’s iconic scar). Browsing through the detailed collection of hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts, you will find A play-inspired graphics, like Luffy performing his Gomu Gomu no Pistol and the adorable Tony Tony Chopper kissing the monkey BAPE.

10. BAIT X The attack of the Titans

BAIT X The attack of the Titans dropped on April 9, 2022, on the occasion of the premiere of The attack of the Titans: The last season part 2. The exclusive collection included t-shirts, hoodies and skateboard decks with graphics inspired by critical moments from the series. BAIT X Attack On Titan’s clothing was steeped in striking imagery, with enlarged grayscale portraits and scenic designs that read like the panels of a manga.

The capsule incorporated clever designs that merged the BAIT logo with AOT themes like the strategic t-shirt, which depicts members of the Survey Corps battling Titans in the letters of the word “BAIT” (a nod to the walls of Paradise). Island). Most designs focus on the Colossal Titan, whose silhouette also served as the basis for a limited-edition pair of Adidas Consortium UltraBoosts.

The anime continues to expand its influence on pop culture, with updates on upcoming collaborations constantly announced. As the anime continues to grow in popularity, we can’t wait to see what the next anime-inspired collaborations will be.

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