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Stephen Curry, Lebron James And all elite basketball players have one thing in common: they wear shoes adapted to their game that guarantee maximum performance and safety on their feet. There will be those who say the shoes are not going to improve threeshots or passes. But if they can help to have a better grip on the track during a sprint or a change of direction, maintain stability in the ankles or cushion each support. That is, they are a fundamental equipment and having an influence on the game and therefore we recommend several Basketball shoes with various characteristics so that each player finds the ones that meet his requirements.

Heat Seeker Under Armor

This Under Armor model offers excellent ankle support.

Under Armor is one of major sports equipment manufacturers and the Heat Seeker are proof of the quality of their products. These slippers 330 grams They are light and stable so they don’t weigh down your feet. Its ribbed collar is flexible and protects the ankle while adjusting comfortably to the foot. It has a high strength seamless synthetic layer which helps to avoid knots. For excellent support, Under Armor has incorporated EVA into the insole and midsole, as well as a outside heel reinforcement.

Nike Air Jordan Legacy 312

The design of this shoe is a modern combination of iconic Jordan elements.

Amortization in every impact after every step or jump has great significance in basketball and this is where the Legacy 312 stands out . Its Air Sole unit in the heel as well as the strap in the middle of the foot offer support and padding in each support. Nike designed them as a tribute to the legacy of Michael Jordan with this reference to 312, the Chicago neighborhood code. Some basketball shoes for players who don’t want to miss a stage.

Adidas crazy rebound

Adidas has created basketball shoes designed to provide support and stability to the ankles.

If what you are looking for are basketball shoes that boost momentum at every step, the Adidas Mad Bounce is a suitable model for this. Designed as a light and comfortable shoe that achieves a good ventilation thanks to the technical mesh in their upper part, they are distinguished above all by the Adidas Bounce technology which promotes dynamics in each medium. In addition, its sole is designed to grip the court well while facilitates changes of direction.

Nike lebron 17

This model is ideal for explosive players

The Nike LeBron 17 are basketball shoes inspired by the same James lebron to offer track speed without loss of power. They offer a powerful combination of support, shock absorption and maximum instant response. Its outsole is made of durable rubber that grips all types of trails to achieve a adequate traction both on the street lane and on the floor. These make it one versatile shoes whatever the terrain.

Nike Mamba Rage

The Mamba Rage is a tribute to Kobe Bryant.

On this occasion, Nike has developed sneakers that pay homage to the legendary Kobe bryant and his tenacious style to make everyone feel like this basketball legend. This shoe with a height lower than other levels seeks comfort and lightness using Flywave technology on the top. With this, the foot will be supported and will sweat while maintaining a great mobility. Lunarlon foam in their midsole gives them excellent cushioning. One of its strong points is the traction they get with the micro-marks in multiple directions on the outsole.

Under Armor Curry 4 Stockings

These sneakers are inspired by Stephen Curry.

Stephen curry He is one of the great players in the NBA and these shoes are inspired by him. Using them will not guarantee that someone will shoot triples like him. However, they are designed to maximize performance at every step and that if it can be a decisive improvement in the game. The shoes are low for provide the ankles with maximum mobility while protecting them with a knitted interior that fits perfectly. It has a cross central traction pattern for excellent traction from forefoot to heel while providing exceptional grip on all types of trails. Its speed blade improves the structure under the foot and promotes explosive movements. In addition, they are designed with synthetic microfiber and knitted so that the seams do not get dull andAlways looks new.

Under Armor Curry 4 “More fun”

This Under Armor shoe offers more support at the ankle.

Under Armor has decided to bet on the models of Stephen curry and these, unlike the previous one, are a type of bigger shoes and stable that does not give up lightness. A basketball shoe for the player you want comfort, control and support. They have once again relied on the synthetic microfiber panel associated with the knitted fabric to make a shoe with reduced weight but resistant. The rest of the qualities that characterize the high-end sneakers by Under Armor They are present again: central traction pattern that seeks to optimize the traction of the foot, speed blade to control explosive movements and a rubber compound for the underfoot. A model that also offers more protection and grip at the ankleor for those who want to make all kinds of direction changes without fear.

* All purchase prices included in this article are updated as of 03-06-2020

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