7 foods Buffalo, NY absolutely hates [LIST]

I can chat about almost anything with my family and friends, even strangers on social media, and things can be civilized and tame. However, when you start talking about food opinions, that’s when the gloves come off.

People will defend their favorite foods and criticize those who hate them all the way and because it’s “food” it’s more entertaining than let’s say something bigger in the grand scheme of things.

Here in western New York, it’s all about food; most notably, the food we grew up loving and what separates us from other parts of the country.

Wings, Beef on Weck, Buffalo Style Pizza, Sponge Candy, Charcoal Grilled Hot Dogs from Sahlen, Spaghetti Parm and Blackberry from Logan.

However, there are some foods that Buffalo doesn’t like. They go against the foods we love and make Buffalo what it is. What is interesting is that many of these foods are enjoyed all over the country.

I had a chat with someone last week about how shocked they were for not wanting to dip their wings in blue cheese. He wasn’t from Buffalo and didn’t know the ranch was a “no-no”.

Here are seven foods Buffalo hates more than anything.

7 foods Buffalo, New York absolutely hates

7 foods WNY can’t stand!

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