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Where fashion meets modesty, these sartorial content designers are some of the hottest names in the industry with an aesthetic to watch out for.

Emirati woman took a look at some of the most inspiring content creators around the world and put together a list to follow when you need style advice.

Soha Taha

Originally from Egypt, Soha Taha grew up in the United Arab Emirates and she constantly inspires her audiences with layered looks that add a splash of color. From wardrobe basics to infusing her sense of expression into every outfit, this fashion content designer has always embraced self-respect through her style. As an entrepreneur, Taha has both beauty and intelligence, with a striking unconventional fashion statement that we just can’t get enough of.

Anisa stoffel

Based in Los Angeles, Anisa goes for fashion combined with skincare as she adopted a comfortable statement style for every look, which is mostly complemented by sneakers. The Indonesian content creator generally sticks to a neutral color palette with a fresh look, as she always makes an ode to her heritage for fans to follow.

Dalal Al Doub

This Kuwaiti fashion content designer has garnered huge success with both advice on her fashion choices and beauty-based looks that inspire her. With tutorials on many of her looks, she is always one step ahead of the biggest trends of the season, as she understands the importance of staying one step ahead.

Summer AlBarcha

With eye-catching looks that were showcased on her Instagram, Summer AlBarcha is forging her own path in the fashion industry by carving a niche for herself with modern pieces that empower women. She has cultivated a solid fan base for herself as she continues to work with several brands such as Adidas and Nike.

Maria alia

Based in New York City, Maria is a freelance designer, model, consultant and content creator. She has collaborated with NET-A-PORTER, Chanel, Burberry, Dior and has an innate ability to champion modest fashion in a modern and unique way.

Sebina hussein

It is clear that lawyer and content creator Sebina Hussain enjoys creating beautiful content because she has worked with some luxury brands in the industry. She started her journey from her bedroom and continued to grow taking advantage of all the opportunities she has had in the fashion world, while documenting her journey on YouTube.

Sagal Ibrahim County

From bold color choices to matching looks with her little one, Sagal Shire always inspires her audience with interesting fashion pieces that pay homage to her African heritage. With touchpoints on all aspects of fashion, lifestyle and beauty, she educates her audience on all things being a mom while making strong fashion choices.

Leena Ghouti

With a sophisticated touch to every look, UAE-based Leena Ghouti is known for her avant-garde style that embodies both a modern and contemporary aesthetic. While co-founder of a clothing store called Stacks, she is already showing her love for fashion through this streetwear-style brand inspired by perfection. Having worked with some of the biggest names in fashion in the industry, Ghouti takes inspiration from looks that portray a refined appearance.

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