Adidas “addresses Juventus” over racist tweet

Adidas, kit supplier to Juventus, “speaks to the club” about the racist tweet posted by the official Twitter account of the Bianconeri women’s team.

The tweet was posted Thursday evening and stayed online for almost 20 minutes, receiving thousands of reactions and negative responses.

The photo showed Juventus Women’s defender Cecilia Salvai putting a small red cone on her head in the shape of a hat. She also held her eyes with her fingers to make them look more Chinese.

Juventus Women posts racist tweet

Almost 8,000 people mentioned the tweet in just 20 minutes and Juventus have twice apologized after its deletion.

They first apologized through their women’s team’s official account on Thursday night before posting an official statement on their website on Friday.

However, the Bianconeri are also dealing with their kit supplier Adidas as the photo was taken during Juventus’ Barcelona training retreat with Salvai wearing an Adidas shirt.

“Adidas condemns racism whether it is intentional or not, there is no place in sport and society where we are talking with the club to fix the problem,” a spokesperson told Sky Sports UK .

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