Adidas will transform its business

Sportswear retailer adidas AG has selected AWS as its preferred cloud provider for SAP workloads. With this announcement, adidas will migrate its SAP environment to AWS and implement a modern SAP S / 4HANA platform. Running these SAP workloads in the cloud will allow adidas to digitize key business processes in its value chain to deliver better experiences for consumers, become a more data-driven business, and support new business models such as direct-to-consumer sales.

Modernizing its ERP system with SAP provides adidas with the technological foundation to connect its data across all of its global operations. This new cloud-based system will support the company’s physical sales channel by allowing SAP environments to be integrated with AWS capabilities, such as machine learning and analytics, to streamline chain operations. supply, inventory and merchandising for retail stores around the world. By creating a cloud-based customer experience, adidas can offer personalized discounts, early access to new releases and collaborations, priority customer service, and the ability to personalize experiences and offerings.

AWS’s SAP experience enables adidas to tightly integrate its SAP S / 4HANA environment with AWS technologies to enable advanced analytics capabilities, data science, and enterprise reporting. By creating a cloud-based data lake on AWS, adidas will gain visibility into its internal and consumer-facing operations to deliver new insights into businesses and consumers. By applying machine learning capabilities, such as Amazon SageMaker, the AWS service that helps developers and data scientists quickly build, train, and deploy machine learning models in the cloud and at the edge, adidas data scientists can predict seasonal product demand to ensure the right product is available in a specific warehouse or retail store at the right time to increase customer satisfaction. In addition, Amazon SageMaker can also be applied to sales data to enable the sports business to provide personalized product and fit recommendations. This ability will help the adidas ecommerce site to match the style preferences of each consumer.

Using high performance computing on AWS, adidas is able to simultaneously run complex workloads for design teams around the world to modernize large-scale 3D design capabilities. This capability will speed up the design and creation process, reduce costs, and allow greater collaboration with consumers and designers. AWS enables the sports brand to create digital twins, a virtual representation of its product lines, which will speed up the design and creation process, reduce costs and enable greater collaboration with consumers and designers. Overall, incorporating these technologies into the design process will result in faster product creation and design for athletic apparel and footwear, allowing designers to quickly incorporate consumer feedback into firsts. stages of the creation process.

Besides, AWS sustainability These programs will help adidas reduce the environmental impact of its use of the cloud. AWS Sustainability Solutions Architects, experienced sustainability infrastructure and software design advisors, will assess current and future cloud architectures and determine technology decisions that will support Adidas’ overall sustainability goals.

“We want to drive innovation across our business, which includes everything from how we design our products to how we engage with the consumers who buy them. By committing to cloud infrastructure, we have the scalability and elasticity we need to manage the seasonality of our business during peak demand and support the expected growth of our e-commerce business for years to come. Said Markus Rautert, SVP, Technology Activation. at adidas AG. “Deploying SAP environments on AWS isn’t just about transforming our technology, it’s about transforming business opportunities and using AWS’s wide range of cloud capabilities to drive efficiencies and bring us closer to consumers. . “

“We are seeing a fundamental shift in the way consumer goods companies manage their technology infrastructure. adidas joins the thousands of customers who run SAP on AWS, leveraging AWS’s reliable and scalable global infrastructure and unmatched SAP experience to deliver key insights, drive innovation, and support the creation of new products and services . said Greg Pearson, vice president of global commercial sales at Amazon Web Services, Inc. “We look forward to working with adidas on their SAP and digital transformation strategies that will help accelerate the introduction of New cloud-based customer experiences like its mobile app, tailor-made purchases and personalized offers that deepen the relationship with the consumer.

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