Allbirds Natural Run Sportswear Sets Personal Best for Sustainable Sportswear

Known around the world for their sustainable sneaker collections, Allbirds throws their (ethically crafted) hat into the ready-to-wear ring with their first foray into sportswear.

The problem with sportswear isn’t just finding the motivation to put it on (although that can be difficult), it’s that most sportswear relies heavily on the use of polyester, a material that releases 700 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere each year. . Thanks to its cheap production costs, polyester makes up about 55% of all clothing seen on everyone from your park run peers to Olympic athletes.

Best known for its ethical and affordable sneakers, Allbirds has an established reputation for its blend of style, quality and durability. In fact, the brand’s commitment to making fashion a friendlier industry has even caught the attention of die-hard sneaker enthusiasts with the announcement that it will partner with Adidas to create a pair of sneakers with an imprint. carbon of only 2.94 kg of CO2 (an average pair of Adidas between 10kg and 15kg).

Now the latest competitor in a line of competing sportswear brands, Allbirds sets itself apart by making the environment its number one priority. Using natural fabrications such as eucalyptus fiber and merino wool, this collection follows the brand’s eco-friendly casual wear and has been in the making for almost two years, undergoing rigorous testing and producing over 70 iterations of each. garment to ensure they meet industry standards. .

Launched on August 17, the Allbirds Natural Run sportswear collection was designed to move with you and alongside nature. Ranging from £ 48 to £ 98, the selection includes running shorts, perforated tees and brand new versions of the brand’s iconic Tree Dasher sneakers, all made from natural materials with a neutralized carbon footprint. Here, to give you a nudge in the right direction, we’ve picked out a handful of our favorite pieces …

Men’s natural running t-shirt

Made from an ultra-light and breathable blend of merino wool, recycled polyester and Tencel, this tee naturally regulates temperature and wicks away sweat. Finished in a perforated texture and a jet black shade, this tee features a natural slim fit, sewn with anti-chafe seams, literally allowing you to go further. Not just for resting on its ecological laurels, an elasticated side pocket is also an invaluable addition for storing your running or training essentials without hampering your movement. £ 58.

Men’s natural running shorts

Perfect for running, training or just staying realistic on a hot summer day, the Natural Run Shorts are also available in Natural Black and Ombre Blue. The design is unlined and relaxed for a lightweight feel and maximum breathability, allowing you to sprint, squat or stretch to your heart rate content. £ 68.

Tree Dashers for Men

How can we talk about Allbirds without an honorable mention for its first performance-focused shoe, the Tree Dasher? Released in an all-new all-black shade for the Natural Run collection, the brand’s signature shoe is made from renewable materials that minimize odor and maximize flexibility. What if you have a particularly muddy track? Good news, they are machine washable. £ 120.

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