Back to 90s fashion

Flared jeans

Flare and wide-leg jeans were everyone’s go-to denim option before skinny jeans became a thing. They are very comfortable to wear in any weather and can be paired with a variety of tops. These jeans are a good option for formal and casual looks. They seem to go well with almost all body types.

Crop tops

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Cropped tops have become an absolute favorite item nowadays and you will be surprised to learn that they date back to the 90s.

A cropped t-shirt or sweatshirt paired with mom jeans have become the favorite summer street look. You can also create a cropped style by opting for a hoodie or a cropped sweater in winter. Wearing an oversized long shirt or jacket over a cropped tank top has also been nowadays.


If you were a kid in the 90s, you undoubtedly wore overalls at least once in your childhood. Surprisingly, these overalls have become a popular fashion item for adults in modern times. You can create several creative looks with overalls by choosing what to wear underneath. Different types of shirts and t-shirts can be combined with combinations to create unique looks.

Oversized and loose clothing

Oversized clothes and loose pants were a striking feature of the 90s. These gave a sporty and effortless look. Such clothes are back on the market after all these years and have become an absolute favorite. Oversized t-shirts can be paired with different types of pants and worn on multiple occasions. Oversized jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts not only give you extra comfort, but also give that hip-hop or grunge vibe.


Chokers and hoops have made a comeback in the latest trends and styles once again. Chokers are quite versatile as they go well with a number of outfits and add an extra “edge” to your look.

Whether it is chunky metal, fabricated, elastic or layered necklaces, all of them will surely enhance your look. Another jewel that imposed itself in the 90s: the creoles, which have made a comeback. This one piece of jewelry is enough to create a daring look.


Jelly shoes, Steve Madden sandals, chunky sneakers, Adidas slides, embellished mesh slides, Buffalo platform sneakers, combat boots and kitten heels were some of the most important shoes of the ’90s. Surprisingly, they have all hit the market lately. Depending on your outfit, choose complementary shoes to complete your ’90s look.

Photo: LS Archives / Sazzad Ibne Sayed

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