Better winter pedals with Adidas Five Ten Trailcross Gore-Tex MTB Kicks

You know what’s better than warming your feet by a crackling fire after a long winter hike? Don’t get cold or wet feet in the first place! the Five Ten Trailcross Gore-Tex MTB Shoes were designed with the toughest grinders in mind. For those who don’t hang up tires when puddles fill up, these shoes are worth a look.

The lower two-thirds of this shoe are waterproof thanks to Gore-Tex fabric, and paired with the neoprene ankle, there’s a good chance you’ll come home with dry socks. You should wear waterproof pants and slide the ankle opening over the top of the shoe to prevent large splashes of puddles from running down your leg and into the shoe. This neoprene armband could be a bit taller for easier material overlap, but its height is likely limited by flexibility and pedaling comfort factors. The Trailcross Gore-Tex is the first pair of high top shoes I’ve tried on the bike, and they’re perfect for all-day adventures. I had no issues with ankle chafing or mobility and was glad to have that extra water shield.

The laces come out of this loop quite often, leaving them to get caught in the drivetrain. Cutting them shorter solved that.

A good friend of mine tried them and failed to get the ankle closed. People with wider legs and ankles may want to try them on before buying, and possibly look to the Five Ten Trailcross LT model if the cuff is too tight. Unfortunately, the LT version is not waterproof, but otherwise looks very similar. The rest of the shoe fits exactly as you’d expect from a Five Ten design, with ample toe room and a heel cap that grips your foot while hiking. I wear a size 43 and the size is perfect. I like my shoes a little tight and I could usually go to 43.5 but with these it was not necessary. They are available in half sizes if your feet demand it.

I’m not going to dig too deep into pedal feel and grip with these shoes, as those accolades have been shared countless times. It’s one of the stickiest rubbers on the shoe market, and it deserves those rave reviews. Trailcross Gore-Tex shoes make it easy to switch from flats to automatic shoes because they also secure your foot to the bike in a way that you can stamp it and forget it. It’s so sticky, in fact, that you might want to lower the height of the pedal pins if you like to move your foot while you ride. This “stuck” feeling is no joke.

There’s a bit deeper lug at the toe and heel tread for trail riding, but it’s not exactly mud-ready. The toe tread could use a little wider spacing and possibly higher dropouts for better grip of the bike on the shoulder when the dirt is wet. Like most MTB gear, the tread is designed to more use case, and that certainly doesn’t include steep alpine walks with one hand on the hill and the other holding the bike.

Gore-Tex is a pretty cool material, allowing your skin to breathe better than any other waterproof technology. These shoes are warm and snug to freezing as long as my feet stay dry, and so far they have been. I rode through snow without freezing my toes and splashed through hub-high puddles without too much water entering through the top of the cuff. I wouldn’t wear them in conditions hotter than 60°F (15.5°C) because they get too hot. If you have a lighter summer tread, this should last several winters.

Despite the soft rubber, these shoes maintain a sole that’s stiff enough that you can feel where the pedal is without it creating sore spots on your foot throughout the day. The thicker sole offers good protection against rock impacts and the larger impacts of falling flat on the pedals. The toes and heel are also reinforced and ready to take on whatever your front tire can do. This protection falls before the point where the toes become a unified foot, and if you frequently kick the front half of your foot on objects, it may be worth considering. I’ve walked a number of unfamiliar trails in these shoes, throwing all sorts of crap at my feet without hurting myself, so it looks like Five Ten has put the protection in its place.

Given their intended habitat, the Trailcross Gore-Tex MTB Shoes are washed after almost every ride and dry quickly with a quick spin on the boot dryer. All of their combined protection and high waterproofness weigh in at 438g per side (with a bit of embedded mud), and that weight is well worth its heat. They stick tenaciously to rocks and pedal pins, even with a fair amount of mud stuck in the soles. With these shoes, you can be the one tending to the fire instead of just snuggling up at its mercy.

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  • Fantastic pedal feel and grip
  • Solidly warm for most winter rides
  • Fast drying

Advantages and disadvantages of Five Ten Trailcross Gore-Tex MTB shoes.

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  • Lace management could be improved
  • Ankle too tight for some legs

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