Bright and eye-catching golf shirts

Whether you’re known for your unique prints or just trying to beef up your weekend wardrobe, golf week got you covered.

We’ve prepared you for the peak of the golf season, piece by piece. Hats, shorts, shoes, accessories and more, we’ve helped you find the best of the best.

These polo shirts might not light up your short game, but they will absolutely brighten up your wardrobe. Don’t look at them directly without your sunglasses, but let’s take a look.

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Tequila Skull Polo (Devereux)

Price: $68

Why we love it: Do you have a penchant for danger? Do you like tequila and hot sauce? Do you prefer two buttons to three on your polo shirts? If you’ve considered answering yes to any of these questions, your name is written all over this shirt.

Honorable Mention: Polo Freestyle

Tequila Skull Polo – $68 Freestyle Polo – $64

William Murray Lemon Life Polo

William Murray Lemon Life Polo (PGA Tour Superstore)

Price: $85

Why we love it: When life gives you lemons, buy yourself the Lemon Life polo shirt from William Murray. Bill Murray’s Golf Company has plenty of not-so-serious vibes throughout its lineup, but this is one of our favorites.

Honorable Mention: Polo Burning Bridges

Lemon Life Polo Shirt – $85 Burning Bridges Polo Shirt – $85

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