bsp: Mayawati: split vote of Muslim consolidation | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: After the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) faded in the UP Assembly polls, party leader Mayawati, in her first reaction to the bad show, cited Muslim consolidation behind the Samajwadi party as a key reason to trigger a shift from other communities to the BJP and split the grassroots vote bank.
Admitting that the party had reached its lowest phase with just one seat in its kitty and less than 13% voting share, she said, nothing could be worse than the result of the current poll and there was thus the promise of a better future for BSP. Stating that she suffered from placing her trust in the minority community, Mayawati said it was a big lesson for BSP that would lead to a change in strategy as they moved forward. Citing West Bengal, she said, if the votes of Muslims and Dalits had come together in the UP, as happened in favor of TMC in Bengal, the UP would have had a different outcome. .
“Their entire vote bank shifted to the SP and their decision impacted the BSP. Other communities like Dalits and OBCs, who did not want the SP back in power, voted for the BJP even though they were against the policies of the saffron party after realizing that such consolidation would take They made a big mistake in trusting SP and not a proven party like BSP,” she said. declared.
Another reason for the consolidation of Muslim votes, according to Mayawati, was the false propaganda of the opposition and caste media, including social media, which projected the BSP as the B team of the BJP and spread misinformation according to which the party had given up the fight and was making no effort. like SP. However, she added, the struggle of the BSP against the BJP was both political and ideological, unlike the SP.
Mayawati thanked her core supporters of Jatav, who she says have not abandoned her despite the false propaganda. “My supporters must not be disappointed with the results and on the contrary, understand the reasons for the party’s rout and learn from it so that they can take the movement forward and return to power,” she added.
“In politics, there are frequent ups and downs. Even the BJP did not have the opportunity to govern for decades after independence. In fact, its position was terrible in the UP before 2017. The Congress is currently going through the same phase. We should learn from the results. And I call on BSP supporters that instead of jumping to other parties, learn to fight the current situation by changing your strategy,” he said. she stated.

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