Cape May County Zoo in New Jersey welcomes more ugly capybara puppies

Have you heard the phrase something can be so ugly it’s cute? Other things just stop at ugly. If you imagine the largest rodent in the world, do you think cute or ugly?

We’ll let you decide.

The Cape May County Zoo is becoming a real capybara breeding machine. I told you last year about some of these critters born there. Earlier this month, another litter was born. Proud parents Budette and Mikey are shy about sex, not announcing it yet.

Last name? Maybe another naming contest will be in the works, who knows.

All we know for now is that these capybara puppies are being kept indoors with mom Budette to keep warm until spring, while Budette is probably sitting around nursing them and looking like a nightmare. frightening.

Oh come on, no it’s NOT mean! Look at these things!

Cape May County Park and Zoo via Facebook

Cape May County Park and Zoo via Facebook

They reach 4 feet long, stand 2 feet tall, and can weigh up to 175 pounds. And. They are. Rodents.

The biggest rodent on the planet in fact.

Their diet consists of grass, melons, squash and I’m pretty sure families of five live in duplexes in Sayreville.

If you’re still Team Cute and not Team Creepy, good for you. But here’s a video of when hundreds of capybaras invaded a town in Argentina to give you a life-size perspective of these giant monsters.

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