“Choosing your favorite sneaker is like choosing your favorite child!” : Michael Jordan explains which particular model of Air Jordan he particularly liked

Michael Jordan released 36 sneaker designs – he starred in 15 of them.

When Jordan signed with Nike in 1984, they knew they had a marketing juggernaut on their hands. His first shoe: the Air Jordan had one of the best plots made for a shoe. Never have they been so happy to pay hefty fines as they tricked people into buying in droves a model popularized by one of the top rookie athletes since Magic Johnson.

But like all of us, even his Airness has his preference when it comes to his sneakers. He leaves aside the legendary Jordan 1 model and chooses the ones he has had success in – he chose the triple winning trio of 11, 12 and 13. He also chose the 3 because he has a special history that tells him. is associated.

While today, Nike executives have no qualms churning out tons of new colors on any particular model, that wasn’t the case back then. People wore their sneakers and every purchase meant a lot to them – not like today’s resale culture that has blown up the market for these basic essentials.

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Michael Jordan almost left Nike to go to Adidas – the sneaker world thanks him for not doing it

To think that in an alternate universe, Jordans would have been made by Adidas is simply wrong. People are so used to seeing the “swoosh” on the sides that nothing else besides that can be imagined. But when Nike made him the Jordan 2 model, he seriously considered leaving. He hated them so much that he considered breaking his contract and jumping ship.

That’s why when a question like this arises, Jordan 2 never cuts it. They were clumsy, chunky, and forgettable. It wasn’t until Tinker Hatfield stepped in to get him a personally designed pair of Air Jordan 3s that Michael changed his mind. It sparked a 3-decade-long craze among people who wanted a memento associated with Chicago’s biggest bull.

Jordan and his brand of sneakers have gone from an athlete-focused brand to athleisure – People now wear them casually and consider them collectibles rather than wearing them for their intended purpose . While the new models still scratch that itch, the originals are no longer meant to be played.

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