Current trade update for the period from July 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022

Company Announcement No. 35 -2022

Inside information

Copenhagen, October 19, 2022

Strong points

Good performance in Q3 2022 with a TAR of 185 million Danish kroner growing by 25% compared to the consolidated proforma figures for the third quarter of 2021. Despite difficult market conditions, OrderYOYO continues to gain market share in all major markets, with our objective being to Liberate the restaurants become increasingly important and valuable to our Restaurant partners

Continued focus on profitability leads to positive EBITDA in Q3 22 of 1.9 million Danish kroner

Merger with smart app progressing as planned with realization of expected benefits – Growth Marketing cross-selling in German market improving our Restaurant partners (RP’s) digital sales and cross-selling of POS (Point of Sales) to UK the market is therefore ahead of the plan

December ARR Guidance Raised in Posted Announcement October 14 of DKK 180-195 million at DKK 185-200 million. Increase in EBITDA forecasts for the year 2022 October 19 of DKK (10)-0m at DKK (5)-0m as Q3 2022 showed positive EBITDA which is also expected for Q4

Release of 2023 forecast showing December ARR forecast of DKK 215-230 millionfull year 2023 net revenue forecast of DKK 190-205 million and positive EBITDA forecasts of DKK 5-15m

2023 thus continues our journey with a strong focus on profitability and balancing growth and profit in all the businesses we do, including market consolidations.

Financial Highlights

million DKK


Q3 2022

Q3 2021

Growth (%)

Annual recurring revenue (annualized September ARR- MRR)




GMV (annualized September GMV)




Net revenue




** Annualized September ART of 185 million Danish kroner versus. 148 million Danish crowns September 2021 (consolidated pro forma) corresponding to a growth of 25%

** Q3 net revenue of DKK 45.1 million versus. 40.5 million Danish kroner in Q3 2021 (consolidated pro forma) corresponding to growth of 11%

** Annualized September GMV of DKK 1,868 million versus. DKK 1,702 million in September 2021 (consolidated proforma) corresponding to a growth of 10%

** Positive EBITDA before other external costs for Q3 2022 of 1.9 million Danish kroner

Merger with app smart is developing as expected

** The OrderYOYO and smart app combination announced at the end of the first half of 2022 creates the largest restaurant liberator in Europe serving nearly 10,000 Restaurant partners. The merger is the first step toward the combined company’s overall goal of releasing more than 25,000 Restaurant partners by the end of 2025

** The combination of two market leaders, extending the number of market leading positions in Europe from three to five created the European market leader from day one and OrderYOYO is now the market leader in the two largest takeaway markets in EuropeUK and Germany

** The integration of the two companies is proceeding as planned and all the expected benefits of the merger of the two companies have been proven. Both companies share the same vision, mission and approach to the market, and furthermore have proven to be a strong cultural complementarity. All the reasons for strong fusion improvements already experienced

** Cross-selling of Growth Marketing on the German market and cross-selling of POS on the UK market ahead of plan

Consolidated guidance for 2022 raised in guidance announcement October 14, 2022

As the merger with app smart progress has successfully consolidated, the guidelines have changed as follows:

** December 2022 The annualized ART forecast has been raised by DKK 180-195 million at DKK 185-200 million

** The forecast for EBITDA before other external costs for the year 2022 has changed from DKK (10)-0m at DKK (5)-0m

** December 2022 Full-Year 2022 Annualized GMV and Net Revenue Guidance Unchanged

million DKK




December 2022 Recurring annual revenue



December 2022 Annualized GMV



Net turnover 2022



2022 EBITDA before other exceptional items



Publication of consolidated forecasts for 2023

As the merger between OrderYOYO and app smart has created a somewhat different company, the Board of Directors has decided to release a forecast for 2023 following the Q3 2022 Current Trade Update.

million DKK

Consolidated guidelines



Growth (%)

December 2023 Recurring annual income




December 2023 Annualized GMV




Net revenue*








*Fiscal year 2022 contains 6 months of app smart net revenue (July-December)

** December 2023 annualized ARR guidance of DKK 215-230 million corresponding to a growth of 15 to 16% compared to the current forecasts raised for 2022

** Positive EBITDA before other external costs Forecast for the year 2023 of DKK 5-15m

** Net sales forecast for the year 2023 of DKK 190-205 million corresponding to 32-36% growth from the current 2022 guidance. Adjusted for the full-year effect of pro forma net revenue growth pro forma from the 2023 application guided at 7-8%

** December 2023 annualized GMV guidance of DKK 2,200-2,400 million corresponding to a growth of 7 to 9% compared to the current forecast for 2022

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