Danielle Collins will play the Australian Open final without shoes or clothes

You’ve heard of intermediary jobs, what about intermediary sponsors?

Most top-ranked tennis players are sponsored not only by racquet companies, but also by shoe and apparel brands. American tennis player Danielle Collins, for example, is sponsored by Babolat for her racquet. But Collins, the tournament’s No. 27 seed, will play in her first-ever Grand Slam final without a clothing or shoe deal. That’s because her sponsorship with New Balance ended last summer, a source close to Collins told MarketWatch.

Collins, 28, is currently ranked No. 30 in the world but will be in the top 10 next week due to her big success at the Australian Open. She has earned $3.75 million on the court during her career and will earn over $2 million if she wins the tournament. And she still wins over $1.1 million if she loses in the final.

She’ll also likely sign some lucrative endorsement deals, especially if she wins the title.

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Throughout the tournament, Collins wore apparel from multiple companies, including Adidas. And she had a visible logo on her shirt, for Dynasty Financial Partners.

Dynasty Financial Partners is a wealth management advisory firm based in St. Petersburg, Florida, where Collins grew up. Collins is also a client of the company.

Dynasty CEO Shirl Penney said in a 2021 interview, “Part of what we love to do is support locals. And we like to support women in sport and business, so there was a lot of alignment there. Once we met Danielle, we really enjoyed the conversation and signed her up pretty quickly.

Despite the local sentiment in the CEO’s statement, Dynasty is no small company — Dynasty had $46.2 million in revenue in 2020 and recently filed for an IPO, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Sponsorship deals for athletes, especially top-ranked tennis players, have the potential to fetch more money than playing professional tennis. For example, last year, top female tennis players like Naomi Osaka, as well as Serena and Venus Williams, all made more money from sponsorships and business deals than from playing tennis.

Collins will face the best tennis player in the world, Australia’s Ashleigh Barty, in the final. She said it would be “spectacular” to face the No. 1 ranked female player.

The championship game will take place on Saturday, January 28 at 3:30 a.m. EST.

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