Drake’s Air Force 1 sneaker could be Nike’s most basic collaboration

Drake is known to do the most. Lately he has been promoting his long awaited album Boy in love certified for eight months via a heart-shaped haircut, and splurged on a custom Rolls-Royce Cullinan Chrome Hearts with quilted leather seats and rims engraved with the words “Fuck You.”

Still, Champagne Papi’s next Nike project – a classic Air Force 1 – is anything but flashy. With minimal branding and no radical model changes, the collaborative sneaker barely differs from the original version of the Swoosh. “Sums up his music perfectly… simple,” written a Twitter troll.

Simply – Perhaps taking a page from Supreme’s playbook, Drake didn’t touch the design of the Air Force 1 – instead, he just added his own branding. The toe cap of the sneaker now features miniature hearts instead of dots (surely a nod to Boy in love certified) while “I love you forever” is written in an embossed cursive font on the shoe’s rubber midsole. On top of those shabby details, Drake left the AF1 alone: ​​if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

It’s unclear if the shoes are considered part of the artist’s NOCTA sub-label – who recently teased his own Nike model, the Hot Step Air Terra – or if the Air Force 1s line up with Drake himself. even as part of his Boy in love certified merchandise. The love theme seems to suggest the latter, although Aubrey is prone to being in her feelings each time.

With Drake finally confirming a schedule for the release of his next album – “by the end of the summer”, he said – Air Force 1s will probably fall simultaneously. Despite its simplicity, the design is guaranteed to sell thanks to the huge name behind it (Drake, not Nike).


Drip like Drake – As one of Nike’s biggest supporters, even going so far as photoshop adidas logo running out of images – Drake made it clear how proud he is to represent the brand through his sub-label NOCTA and Jordans. A collaborative version of Air Force 1 seems appropriate for the rapper given that he has already referred to the shoe as part of his “uniform”.

While the “I love you forever” note on the sneaker might be a nod to one of Drake’s past loves, “Take Care” style, it is probably intended for the longest and longest relationship. dearest of the rapper: the one between him and the Swoosh. “This opportunity is something I have been waiting for for a very long time,” Drake said of his partnership with Nike – a good thing he has used all this time to think about his revolutionary Air Force 1.

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