Emma Raducanu pursued by an army of brands including Aston Martin … and she could become BILLIONAIRE

Max Eisenbud, “formidable agent” of some of the richest sportswomen in history, solutions Sunday mail name on the second ring, even though it was the busiest week in years in his stellar career in advertising and marketing.

The 49-year-old father-of-two, vice president of expertise giant IMG, speaks from Florida just days after Emma Raducanu – one of his buyers – shocked the world by winning the US Open at 18, as a qualifier. , without dropping a set.

The teenager from Bromley, Kent, has been one of the sport’s most beloved properties and one of the brightest British prospects in the world for generations.

Emma Raducanu could become billionaire thanks to her tennis career as brands fight for her

The 18-year-old superstar attended the Met Gala in Chanel and Tiffany and Co

The famous 18-year-old attended the Met Gala with Chanel and Tiffany and Co

Sponsorship and public relations consultants estimate that she would earn perhaps, over the course of a long and successful career, between £ 100 million and £ 1 billion. Fancy? Maybe not.

The Mail on Sunday has discovered that its two current sponsorship deals, with major sportswear supplier Nike and racket supplier Wilson, are only worth £ 100,000 a year, and each of them is under contract. one year.

Industry sources rely on these two to be imminently renewed at least 10 times as much, or to be replaced by competing brands.

UK sportswear agency Castore, which has offered deals with Andy Murray, Formula 1 McLaren, English cricket staff and Wolves, Newcastle and Rangers football to name a few, are eager to talk to Raducanu. With Nike in pole position and Adidas in a circle, Eisenbud is in a seller’s market.

Among dozens of global brands in the styling, automotive, soft drink and magnificence industries who would like to speak to Raducanu’s Eisenbud include Japanese clothing model Uniqlo, Aston Martin, Chanel and Lacoste, as well as a number of cryptocurrency and jewelry companies. Tiffany & Co. agency

Raducanu's stunning US Open win without losing a set propelled her to stardom overnight

Raducanu’s stunning US Open win, without losing a set, shot her to stardom in just one day

Uniqlo, which sponsors the great tennis player Roger Federer, is one of the brands passionate about Raducanu

Uniqlo, which sponsors friendly tennis player Roger Federer, is one of Raducanu’s many avid brands

Raducanu wore Tiffany throughout her win at the US Open and then to the glamorous Met Gala last week, when she wore Chanel.

A seven-figure deal to become a model Tiffany Ambassador is rumored, and insiders say endorsements worth £ 5million or more in the following year could be signed “within months, according to what she and her advisers want to do “.

What is the place where Eisenbud is available. He played a key role in getting previous Grand Slam winners Maria Sharapova and Li Na to accumulate tens of millions of pounds a year during their industrial heyday.

MOS asks Eisenbud if he can take the time to speak. He hesitates before responding, politely: “Not really.

We’re saying we all know how busy he should be, but could he at least put in context how extraordinary the eye on Raducanu has been. “I appreciate that you are so interested,” he said. ” But I can not. “

Is it true, at the very least, that he works his approach through dozens of proposals that are worth up to several million kilos? He pauses. “I just can’t notice,” he says. “But thanks for the call. “

Raducanu will need to keep winning the Grand Slam title for the sponsorships to keep coming

Raducanu might want to hold profitable Grand Slam title to keep sponsorships coming

And there, in a nutshell, that’s sort of why Eisenbud is so trustworthy to do the adjustment factor by Raducanu. An offer that knows him and the best way for IMG to treat their biggest names told MoS: “A Grand Slam title doesn’t assure Emma anything in terms of longevity, so IMG will play a zero position in it. no matter what hype. They will make the alternative.

“Talking about millions and billions won’t help Emma, ​​nor any rising star. Max might be doing what he needs to do to say that.

– And finally, we do not progress in this profession by talking about business. You get there by dedicating yourself to business.

Conrad Wiacek, Sponsorship Specialist, Head of Sports Evaluation at GlobalData, predicts: “Emma will have signed several lucrative deals before the Australian Open starts in January. The period between the US Open and the Open Australia is the traditional time to sign agreements.

“Leisure, sports, health, fitness and lifestyle brands are all very interested. There is no one like her in British tennis with Andy Murray’s best days behind him.

“What is overwhelmingly in its favor is the fact that it is connected to the three distinct and lucrative markets in North America, Europe and Asia because of its heritage. This sends his earning potential off the charts.

Raducanu's international experience makes her a true world star after her success

Raducanu’s global experience makes her a true world star after her success

Raducanu was born in Toronto, Canada to a Romanian father and a Chinese mother, grew up in Kent, and made her breakthrough in New York City. Already, she is cultivating a large number of followers in China. On Friday, a single Mandarin-language post on the Chinese social media platform Weibo was viewed a million times in seven hours.

Nigel Currie, sponsorship marketing consultant, added: “If Emma can win subsequent Grand Slam events, she will become Britain’s highest paid athlete of all time.”

The highest-earning sportswoman on the planet is currently quadruple Japanese Grand Slam winner Naomi Osaka, who has earned $ 55million (£ 40million) in endorsements in the past year alone – from 20 brands including Nike, Mastercard, Yonex, Louis Vuitton, Levi’s, Nissan, Tag Heuer, Beats and Panasonic among others – plus another $ 5 million in field prizes.

Raducanu had 400,000 Instagram followers before his US Open victory and is already quickly approaching Osaka’s 2.6m tally – having transcended his sport in one event.

An MoS valuation of tennis prize money means that if Raducanu were to have a long career at the top by her early 30s, she could reasonably expect to win between £ 140m and £ 150m in prizes event alone. Over the years, silver prices have steadily increased at an average of 9% per year. A single Grand Slam win worth £ 2million could be over £ 7million by 2035.

Raducanu’s potential is gigantic, however, taking the lead from Max Eisenbud, perhaps the least stated on it, the highest. For the moment.

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