Evander Kane’s trolling, Adidas is out and Mattias Janmark

We’re getting to the point in the offseason where the news slows down, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t still got a few random thoughts in my head that I could use your help to figure out.


In Random Thoughts from last weekend, I wondered if we would see Puljujarvi, Yamamoto and the Oilers avoid arbitration and settle new contracts before their respective hearings begin. On Tuesday, Jesse Puljujarvi signed a one-year, $3 million contract ahead of his arbitration hearing, and with that little business out of the way, the question is whether Kailer Yamamoto follows suit. Right now we have a week and change until Yamo’s arbitration date of August 9, which is more than enough to get things moving, and I’m very curious to see what a possible multi-year agreement will look like to which Stauffer alluded. As. Does he make more than $3 million a year on a multi-year contract? How much more? Could it be less than $3 million? Either way, once Yamamoto’s next contract hits the books, Ken Holland will have to make a move or two to bring the team up to the cap and that tells me we have some interesting decisions to make at the over the next 74 days before the season kicks off. I assume Yamamoto signs a three-year contract with an AAV of around $3.5 million. Place your bets.


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I know this photo of Mattias Janmark partying came out last weekend, so it’s not really new, but I haven’t had a chance to write about it yet and I felt like our new boy deserved to be hailed. I mean, if you’re looking for a way to ingratiate yourself to a new fanbase, I can’t think of a better way to get the job done than to tear it up in a McDavid (Gretzky?) jersey and post the pics. on your social networks. Not only did Mattias make it clear that the party was rocking in the caption, but the look on his face said everything I needed to see. Even though I know very little about Janmark at this point, I’m a Swede who’s not afraid to wave my hand in the air like he doesn’t care and that’s a really good start in my books.


Last week, news broke that Adidas would be the NHL’s apparel supplier after the 2023-24 season, ending its tenure as the league’s official kit supplier after seven seasons. If you recall, Adidas replaced Reebok in 2017-18 after more than a decade since the NHL last changed suppliers, and that’s why I’m a little surprised we’ve already found out that a split is coming even though there are two years left. the agreement. Still, despite the parting ways with the apparel giant, the NHL released a short statement to let us know that the two parties would continue to work together to make sure everything goes smoothly on this home stretch.

“The NHL and Adidas look forward to continuing to work closely together over the next two years and ensuring a smooth transition to the new authentic NHL uniform supplier, to be announced by the NHL at the appropriate time. “

From where I blog, I thought this relationship between Adidas and the NHL was good, as both parties have been creating new variations of uniforms for everyone over the past few years, which led me to believe that These were mobile units. But given that Adidas reportedly spent nearly double the $35 million annual fee that Reebok was to be the NHL’s official apparel supplier, perhaps they expected more sales than they bargained for. have obtained? Either way, what will be interesting to watch over the next two years is who emerges as a replacement and what that will mean for the look of our united.

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Could this be the opportunity that Nike is looking for to wipe out all North American sports? Will CCM jump into the mix? Anyone else entirely? Place your bets.


Yesterday on Oilersnation Radio we laughed at Evander Kane appearing in the comments with a simple “LOL” for Matthew Tkachuk’s Florida intro presser when he basically said he was here to help the Panthers beat the Lightning. Even though he didn’t even say anything, the fact that Kane took a moment out of his day to troll a guy he pretty much wiped out in the playoffs amused me a lot. Not only do I think the NHL could use players who show their personality like that more often – everyone loves a bad guy, let’s be honest – but it’s also been ages since the Oilers had a player like Kane who can’t. only getting under your skin on and off the ice, but also backing it up on the dash. He’s basically what we hoped Lucic would be without looking like the NHL equivalent of Bowser in Mario Kart. Still, I had a good laugh when I saw Kane stepping into Tkachuk’s big intro in Florida, and I thought you all might like that too.


I know that last clip has nothing to do with hockey, but I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw the St. Louis Cardinals broadcast crew not saying a single word for almost a minute after George Springer launched into a grand slam. last week. For 53 seconds not a word was said on the show and I WOULD LOVE to know what these boys were doing in there when nothing was coming out on the air. There was no analysis, there was no commentary, there was nothing. I don’t know if these boys were just taking a break and enjoying the scene, or if they’re so addicted to Cards that the Springer dinger completely ruined their night, but this post-homer call (or lack thereof) made me screaming and just wanted to share with you all in case you haven’t seen the clip.


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We’re entering the quiet zone for offseason news, so this week’s episode of Better Milk Than Never focused heavily on Jesse Puljujarvi’s new contract as well as a good mix of shenanigans and commentary from the audience. As always, this podcast doesn’t work without all of you, and I really appreciate the time you take to participate in the nonsense. Subscribe for FREE to Better Milk Than Never on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and wherever you get your podcasts.

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