Former SKINS and Adidas bosses launch exciting sports tech adventure with Eo

Australian sports technology company eo has launched two breakthrough wearables in the areas of concussion assessment (eo NuroCHEK) and elite swimming performance (eo SwimBETTER).

The company is backed by some of the most elite names in sport, including the South Sydney Rabbitohs, Melbourne City FC and Swimming Australia, as well as Olympic swimmer Kyle Chalmers OAM and international superstar triathlete Vincent Luis as early investors.

Co-founded by former SKINS boss and sports ethics campaigner Jaimie Fuller, Dean Hawkins, whose resume includes leadership positions at adidas, SKINS, Network Ten, Alvarium and Mogo, and Dr Kenneth Graham PhD, former world renowned NSWIS Chief Scientist; the trio bring more than 70 combined years of business, brand and scientific expertise to their new venture.

Eo (Latin for “progress”) applies new discoveries and innovations from research outside the world of sport, to help athletes redefine their limits.

In keeping with Fuller’s notoriously “exterior” approach to branding, eo stands for the slogan “Science of Defiance” and demands that devices “defy evolution.” eo describes their tone of voice as “direct, provocative, intelligent, irreverent”.

The logo is “confident” in its symmetrical simplicity. Bright, bold, bright and established. When using the serial brand name, it should always be written in eo, lowercase and always in bold.

Sydney-based sports content production agency I want it Yesterday created the separate eo SwimBETTER campaign (which can be seen in the videos above and below.) Creative Director and Co-Founder, Joey Ferrone on the process: “The ‘I Want It Yesterday’ team enjoyed the whole process of creating the SwimBETTER campaign. We believe eo’s innovative and disruptive tone of voice aligns with the content we love to create. Having the chance to work alongside eo President Jaimie Fuller for the first time proved to be a cohesive and seamless experience as we were able to build the project together with the eo team.

Co-founder Dean Hawkins, who returned to Sydney from London in November 2021 to take on the role of CEO of eo, has been leading international businesses for 25 years, in a career spanning six countries, and several management and board positions. direction.

Dean Hawkins, CEO and Co-Founder of eo, said, “Jaimie Fuller is a visionary when it comes to the power of sport and how sport should advance society and improve the lives of individuals.

“We have known each other for over 15 years and have been discussing the eo plan since early 2019. But it took me 18 months to be convinced that the development of the product pipeline truly aligned with the strength of the brand and that of Jaimie .vision – but when it happened, it became absolutely compelling.

“Eo is now the perfect opportunity for us to combine our skills, with Kenneth’s extraordinary talents, to build a truly unique business.

“The timing of our launch is ideal in a market context: the global sports technology industry is growing well over 20% and will exceed $40 billion by 2024. And we have a pipeline of five products that will will be gradually launched on this market. The third product in the works, a sweat analysis patch that we are developing with input from government science agencies, may be the most exciting and significant opportunity of the lot.

Jaimie Fuller, President and Co-Founder of eo, said: “My passion for the intersection of sport and business is something that started over twenty years ago with SKINS, eo is the next step in the journey. .

“Our goal is to provide highly technical and innovative products, delivering untapped benefits to the performance and career longevity of elite athletes. This gives us the freedom to operate without the constraints of conventional sports brands, where it’s mostly about the evolution of existing products.

“Dean is the smartest businessman I know, and his operational and managerial ability is unique. We get along like a house on fire, having had roles reversed in our previous professional lives. I cannot stress enough how lucky we are to have him at the helm of this company. »

“Last week, eo launched eo SwimBETTER. A world first in wearable technology created to revolutionize competitive and professional swimming by improving athlete technique and providing accurate data on every stroke. The discreet eo SwimBETTER devices fit in the palms of swimmers and allow immediate changes to reduce swim times.

Australian Olympic medalist and early eo investor Kyle Chalmers OAM said: “I swim to win races and break records. When I first tried eo SwimBETTER, my coach and I were impressed with the data I was able to get on each of my swims. Force output, consistency, efficiency, stroke frequency, the path my hand takes with each stroke, and more. This is information that I did not have access to before and it is information that will guide my training and hopefully allow me to win gold again at Paris 2024.”

The second device, eo NuroCHEK, is a cerebral assessment helmet, which will play a major role in the first line of defense against concussions. Unlike other tools that rely on subjective analysis, oh NuroCHEK is a completely objective neurological biomarker, meaning the device cannot be manipulated by a gamer. It identifies and assesses concussion symptoms in real time, improves diagnostic decision-making, and provides player safety and peace of mind for a team, coach, player, and community. family.

Eo’s Chief Medical Consultant, Dr. Paul Bloomfield brings more than 25 years of sports medicine to the company.

About eo NuroCHEK, Dr Paul Bloomfield said: “There are studies on all codes, not just rugby league, that players are not always honest with symptoms, particularly when it comes to the injury during the game.”

“Especially if ignored and players return to the field, as a second impact can lead to a more serious concussion or increase the risk of further injury. This is where eo NuroCHEK can help as it does not rely on player honesty.

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