“Give up”: victim’s family pleads for the suspect implicated in murderous hit and run to come forward

FORT WAYNE, Indiana (WANE) – Two weeks after losing a loved one to a hit-and-run, the family of 21-year-old Keilan Moreria have broken their silence to call on the person involved to report to police.

Keilan Moreria, photo courtesy of Maria Nichols

Keilan Moreira, was killed on August 25 after leaving a wedding party at a friend’s house, she tried to cross the 1000 block of East State Boulevard to get to her car. In an unexpected turn of events, she never made it, as a driver arrived and fled the scene where she died.

Keilan’s mother, Florida Moreira, spoke to Briana Brownlee about WANE 15 in Spanish, but Keilan’s aunt, Maria Nichols, was there to translate.

Holding back tears, Moreira explained how her daughter’s death shattered their family. She described Keilan as “her heart, her friend, her everything”. She said the pain of not seeing her come home was unbearable, adding that she knew she would never get her daughter back. Moreira said she would have peace once the person responsible for her daughter’s death is apprehended.

“We just want her to have justice. This man is still at large and we just had to bury a family member, ”Nichols said.

Keilan Moreria, courtesy of Maria Nichols

Keilan’s family said she was “100 percent vegan”, loved animals, the planet, and doing whatever she could to save the environment. She also had a passion for children with special needs and dreamed of going to college to study childhood therapy.

“She was only 21 with a future ahead of her. She wasn’t doing anything wrong, she was going home. [She] got home early for work the next day, ”Nichols said. “It happened so close to the sidewalk, and sometimes you can see a squirrel a bird and you swerve. It doesn’t seem like it has happened.

On Wednesday, FWPD announced it had a suspect for the fatal hit and run. Police are asking the public for help in identifying the man seen on a surveillance camera and the SUV he may have driven.

Suspect, man in black Adidas shirt
Vehicle suspected of a fatal accident

The suspect is the adult man in a black Adidas shirt. He was last seen entering the Marathon gas station in State and Crescent before the crash. Police ask if you know anything about the car or this man to call Lt. Tony Maze at 260-427-1373.

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