How Adidas and ThredUp extend the life of shoes and clothing

Footwear maker Adidas launches its Choose to Give Back program, which allows people to send second-hand products – clothing, accessories and sports equipment such as running shoes and soccer jerseys – from any brand to the world. ‘business to be reused or resold in an online marketplace. The program will be supported by the platform and expertise of ThredUp Resale-as-a-Service (RaaS).

ThredUp, known as a leader in the field of resale, has been developing RaaS since 2018. Its first customer was clothing manufacturer and retailer Reformation. Since then, its customer list, which includes retailers and clothing manufacturers, has grown to more than 20 companies. Other customers include Gap, Madewell and Abercrombie & Fitch.

“The new Adidas program builds on the resale engine we’ve built to make it easy for their customers to extend the life of their clothing,” wrote Pooja Sethi, senior vice president and general manager of RaaS at ThredUp, in email responses to questions in this story. “Ultimately, this program is designed to extend equipment life, expand the reuse market, and end plastic waste.”

We want to make sure this process is as transparent as possible before expanding it.

The program was launched on October 7 in the Adidas Creators Club app, which is free to join. The company plans to begin expanding the program more widely online and in stores across the United States in early 2022. It has not released an exact date for the extended launch.

“We have worked closely with the Adidas team to create a personalized and scalable resale program to help their customers easily extend the life of their garments, and we look forward to expanding the program together,” said Sethi.

This is how the program currently works for US users of the Adidas Designers Club: Through the app, they can generate a prepaid shipping label, fill a deliverable box with any brand of clothing, footwear and accessories, and ship it to ThredUp for free. When ThredUp receives an item from a customer, the reselling company processes, prices, photographs and lists the items accepted online for resale in their online marketplace.

Adidas noted that customers can send shoes, clothing, and accessories regardless of brand or state. “Products in good condition are resold through ThredUP, while the rest will go through ThredUP’s network of textile reuse partners,” said Katja Schreiber, senior vice president of sustainability at Adidas, via mailed responses. electronic to the questions of this story.

Adidas rewards customers for items that meet certain quality standards. During this trial period, customers will receive up to 200 Creators Club Points or Adidas Vouchers depending on the quantity and quality of the items they return. Once a customer reaches 1,000 Creators Club Points, they have access to exclusive offers, birthday gifts and free training resources.

Adidas uses this first phase of the program’s rollout as a time to iron out process issues and assess incentives to deliver the best customer experience.

“We want to make sure this process is as transparent as possible before we extend it,” said Schreiber. “By testing this program, we will discover the best ways to develop and promote the reuse market, with the goal of preventing some of the environmental impacts associated with making products in the first place. “

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