Intersection and Canteen at adidas Village

Project description

The adidas Village intersection provides vital space and connectivity for the growing adidas North America headquarters, located in the North Portland Overlook neighborhood. Located at the crossroads of the main campus traffic lanes and uniting two existing structures into a single building, the Intersection is the pivot point for the entire adidas Village.

The intersection is phase two of a multi-phase project, phase one of the project was a renovation and transformation of the canteen. With the primary goals of providing more generous circulation space and doubling the dining capacity of the previous facility in response to adidas’ rapid growth, the renovated canteen expanded the kitchen and service footprint and depended of phase two, the intersection, to provide the required dining space. .

With the primary goal of clarifying campus traffic lanes on a dense urban campus, Hacker designed the Intersection as more of a space than an object. To that end, transparency was essential. Vantage points along the campus axes provide views of the adjacent neighborhood directly through the building to the western hills and the greater region beyond. Design goals were inspired by adidas’ values ​​and brand image. The emphasis on movement is found in the subtle interplay of exterior fins as one passes the building and in the “Lane Lights” ceilings which draw attention to the main entrances and evoke the lanes of a track. race.

Inside the building, the focus was on tactile materials that echo adidas’ sensitivity to texture and the feel of a material on the skin. Solid wood partitions, handrails and stairs form a warm backbone for upholstered seating and benches. Additional warmth and a nod to adidas’ original design culture is brought to the space by the block paintwork of the structure and exposed systems in the seating areas.

Sustainability was a driving philosophy of the project. Seeing an opportunity to actively engage with a neighborhood and improve a community, adidas undertook the adaptive reuse of a former hospital when they moved their North American headquarters to Portland in 2000. With the Intersection , they doubled down on that commitment to density, and addressed the associated challenges rather than expanding their campus footprint or expanding into a green site. Building features that echo this commitment to sustainability include deep overhanging eaves, shade fins, and stepped massing that reduces solar insulation, glare, and mechanical cooling loads. Campus density also provides an opportunity for shared MEP systems, reducing the physical installation size required for buildings. Regional materials such as CLT were chosen where possible. From an operations perspective, adidas and its foodservice provider, Bon Appetit, are committed to using reusable dishes and utensils, reducing waste to food scraps and biodegradable napkins.

In line with adidas values, the Intersection is considered an active participant in the Overlook community that contains the adidas village. Designed with the intention of welcoming the neighborhood into campus, the square in front of the Intersection is designed to be the perfect place for selfies with the famous adidas sculpture “Superstar Shoes”. The plaza is accented with dramatic lighting and planting. A circulation path connects the plaza to the pedestrian bridge over Greeley Avenue, through the rest of the adidas Village and back into the neighborhood.

Pirate Design Team

Corey Martin, Senior Design Director

Jennie Fowler, Director of Interior Design

Stefee Knudsen, Project Manager

Brendan Hart, Project Architect Jake Freauff, Architectural Design Team

Scott Barton-Smith, Architectural Design Team

Marissa Jordan, Architectural Design Team

Matt Sugarbaker, Architectural Design Team Shawn Glad, Architectural Design Team

Sonia Norskog, Interior Design

group project

Architecture and Interiors: Hacker

Contractor: PCL Construction

Landscape: Landscape by Cameron McCarthy

Structural engineer: KPFF

Lighting: O-LLC

Acoustic Engineer: A3Acoustics

Envelope: HDR


Stephen Miller

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