Kanye West’s partnership with Adidas has changed, what will happen to the new Yeezy collection?

by Kanye West controversial frenzy has burned bridges left and right, including the one with Adidas. In a recent meeting with company executives, he used pornographic content to try to prove a point.

A successful partnership

Kanye West’s partnership with Adidas proved to be very successful, as the Yeezys were the breakthrough model that shaped the new face of the company in 2013 and again in 2015.

With the Boost 350, Adidas raised $200 per person and, according to Business of Fashion through 2021, the company grew 31% year-over-year and made $1.7 billion.

So what will happen to the new collection?

Although the new sneakers are still under wraps, there has been speculation as to what they will look like, as well as whether they will ever see the light of day, and of course how much they will cost.

What the pundits are saying in case their partnership is officially over is that the new Yeezys will explode commercially as they will become a very limited collection and obviously a once in a lifetime opportunity for sneaker lovers all over the world.

A small batch will be produced

The shoes will definitely have an impact as they will not be mass produced which will increase their value.

Another thing that will happen is that the shares of the company could also be affected and even decline and if they end their partnership, many people considered the Yeezys to be a safe bet when it comes to sales.

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