Kit Leak: Bayern Munich’s new pre-match top

Just because the season has started doesn’t mean there is a shortage of Bayern Munich kit leaks. We saw the release of the one-off Oktoberfest kit last week (which sold like hot cakes, mind you, the shirt is completely sold out on the German online store, while only children’s sizes remain in the Asia store) , and now we have a leak of the new pre-match jersey.

Now, the current pre-game warm-up top sports a red and blue pattern with white colored spots all over it, making it look like it’s stepped out of a 4th of July party.

Photo by Sebastian Widmann / Getty Images

The colors of the new top haven’t really changed much, they are still the same red and blue, if not a little navy. But the big difference is the model. The pattern of the current top looks like something tie-dye, while the new leaky top features a bunch of wavy lines running up and down the shirt. It looks more like an optical illusion than you might see in the quantum realm, and anyway, it certainly doesn’t look like a soccer jersey. The Adidas logo and club badge are all monochrome white.

It’s not the first time that Bayern’s pre-match kits have been splashed with intricate designs, but this season really seems to be taking the cake. But then again, the pre-game shirts don’t get too much attention compared to the actual kits, so I guess these are the shirts to really see how creative you can be. Some of them look pretty good, while others, like this one, not so much. Imagine if this design was on the away jersey or the third, it would be a nightmare.

The leaky top will be worn in the second half of the season, so we’ll be able to enjoy the Fourth of July sparkle top for another two and a half months or so. According to Footy Headlines, it should be available for purchase in December or January.

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