Learn about the Kraken’s approach to scouting and meet the man responsible for it all – The Athletic

EDM and hip-hop for the whole family blare from the cavernous, dimly lit space filled with dark green chairs. It’s a midweek match, which means there are around 500 fans in the whole arena. Either way, it’s quiet enough to hear a conversation between two Boy Scouts sitting six-seat apart.

A man in black pants, a black shirt, and a puffy black Adidas jacket emerges. You have to look closely to see that his jacket is embroidered with a black Seattle Kraken logo. This is Robert Kron, the Kraken’s Amateur Scouting Director. A former NHL player, he’s tasked with leading the Kraken’s efforts to build a farming system that has just eight players, while the league’s other 31 organizations have nearly five times as many.

Kron holds an orange laminated pen in his right hand while his glasses are gripped in his left hand. Below is a neatly folded sheet of paper with a list of players he’s here to watch. Kron constantly goes through this list, taking notes. He continues to do so even when it comes to a four-goal blowout.

The only times his concentration is interrupted are when he checks the Kraken game score on his phone. That night, a 5-2 loss to the Dallas Stars marked the seventh straight loss and the 10th in the last 11 games. It’s another loss that further underscores the importance of Kron watching a sleepy midweek junior hockey game while members of that staff do the same.

Winning five of their last 10 games is something the Kraken haven’t done with great consistency. It is a sign of progress. Overall, however, they are still the owners of the third-fewest points and the third-lowest point percentage in the league.

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