LeBron appeared to cover the Adidas logo on the Drew League jersey

LeBron James has worn Nike throughout his basketball career after wearing Adidas while in high school. James signed a contract with Nike just before entering the NBA, although there was much talk that legendary Adidas executive Sonny Vaccaro wanted his company to offer James a 10-year contract. worth $100 million.

It ended up being too rich for some decision-makers’ blood, and Nike were able to step in and offer James a more lucrative deal that turned into a lifetime deal. This all serves as the backdrop for Saturday afternoon’s Drew League game in which James played – the league uniforms are made by Adidas, and as noted by several people on Twitter, James looked for concealing the Adidas logo on his jersey before playing. .

Here are some of James’ highlights from the game – it might be hard to see, but you can notice most of his teammates have an Adidas logo in the center of their chest.

Saturday’s game was James’ first time playing in the Drew League, the annual summer pro-am in Los Angeles, since the NBA lockout in 2011. He teamed up with DeMar DeRozan, who is part du Drew and who also appeared to lack the Adidas logo on his jersey (DeRozan, like James, is a Nike athlete). James was outstanding, earning player of the match honors in a thrilling 104-102 win. James scored 42 points, had 14 rebounds and recorded four steals in his first organized basketball game since April.

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