Lego launches more than 2,200-piece VW camper van kit


LEGO has unveiled its latest addition to the popular Creator Expert miniature car line-up: the Volkswagen T2 Camper.

Measuring 350mm long and 150mm high, the Lego T2 Camper is larger than the abandoned T1 Camper set and includes 2,207 pieces.

In addition to a summery blue exterior color, the T2 is distinguished by the design of the curved “Baywindow” windshield, a sliding side door and the characteristic styling of the front of the van, which includes a centrally mounted spare wheel.

Passionate builders can choose whether or not to apply a set of retro hippie stickers and between German or American license plates on the front and back.

While Lego Creator Expert sets typically don’t have as many mechanical functions as Lego Technic equivalents – such as the Lego Technics Bugatti Chiron or Land Rover Defender – the T2 Camper does have functional steering.

Inside the model there is a detailed layout of the motorhome, complete with a fridge, gas stove, opening cupboards, and even a teapot for making a cup of tea. There are also fabric curtains for a bit of privacy at night.

The backseat folds up into a bed and the roof lifts even with a fabric tent, just like in the real thing.

Lego designer Sven Franic said: “The Volkswagen Camper is a rare breed of vehicle that arouses affection like few others, and we know that the Lego version will bring great pleasure to people who have been lucky enough to have or go camping in one, or always wanted one.

“While the Volkswagen Camper is no stranger to our Lego car collection, this latest iteration brings even more fun to Lego builders. The meticulously equipped interior is sure to appeal to seasoned campers and adventurers alike, while the eye-catching exterior with pop-up roof is a feat of engineering just like the original.

For beach lounging, there are folding deckchairs that store on the roof, while no campervan from the 1960s or 1970s would be complete without a set of well-used surfboards leaning against it.

Lego Volkswagen T2 camper van

The Volkswagen T2 was first released in 1967, replacing the split-screen T1 with a larger, more modern van. The Camper was one of many body styles on offer until the arrival of the T3 in the late 1970s.

The Lego Volkswagen T2 campervan will officially retail for £ 149.99 when it releases on August 1.

The Lego Creator Expert series is designed for adults and includes an eclectic mix of sets, including Adidas sneakers, the Colosseum, a NASA space shuttle, and even the Old Trafford football stadium.

Other car packages currently offered in the Creator Expert lineup include the Porsche 911, James Bond Aston Martin DB5, a customizable Ford Mustang, a London Bus and even the “ECTO-1” car from the original Ghostbusters movie.


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