“Let’s make it happen, DJ Khaled, Kanye West and Michael Jordan!” : Marcus Jordan, owner of Trophy Room and son of the Bulls legend, posts a cryptic message exciting all sneakerheads

Kanye West and Nike had probably the best non-athlete collaboration shoes ever – there might be another one in the near future.

When Kanye West released the Nike Air Yeezy 1 in 2009, the sneaker world sat down with its attention radar turned to the max. You had a few collaborations before partnering with the sportswear giant, but the one with Nike is the one that propelled it to the rank of sneaker god.

When the Yeezy 2 Air dropped, every sneakerhead’s collective jaws dropped as well. Almost everyone wanted to get their hands on a pair. A mix of various elements from existing Nike and Jordan models, the rapper had released three colorways of a shoe that is widely considered the second best shoe of all time – behind the Air Jordan 1.

After leaving Nike in 2013 for Adidas, Ye brought the German sports brand back from the dead with his Yeezy range. 9 years after his release, Kanye just tweeted an image of the Air Jordan logo after a comment from Marcus Jordan, son of Michael Jordan in which he said he wanted to have a collaboration with rapper, music producer DJ Khaled and his father.

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Nobody really knows what the details of Ye and his contract with Adidas are, but there’s no way the man has so much freedom that he can encounter a conversation about working with other brands. while under contract with Adidas. The post and comment might just be a giant joke for all sneakerheads out there, but knowing Ye and his eccentricities, it could also be true.

DJ Khaled has been a self-proclaimed collector god and has had a few shoes he himself has worked with with the American sportswear giant. While they were absolute stinkers, Mark and Marcus don’t seem to care. The name and the marketing it brings with it is enough to get the products moving. But it’s not like those three avenues with the heavyweights needed marketing in the first place.

Whether or not they have a collaboration in the near future, something like this is needed in the sneaker world. It’s gone stale with endless Travis Scott collaborations and general grassroots redesigns. Oh and an Air Jordan 1 release almost every week. Hopefully, all three can come up with something completely new and revolutionary like the original Air Yeezy line, and not like the latest ones where the shoes are identical with pockets thrown over them.

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