Lionel Richie’s Three Children Are His Endless Loves – And The Heirs To His $200 Million Fortune

Lionel Richie may be known today for his role as a judge on “American Idol” – but he’s a true R&B legend (he’s also an HBCU graduate!).

After rising to prominence in 1970s funk & soul collective The Commodores, he launched a successful solo career in the 1980s. During this solo career, according to the Songwriters Hall of Fame, it became one of the most successful ballads of the 20th century, racking up sales totaling over 100 million copies of its albums sold worldwide. In the process, he also won an Oscar and four Grammy Awards. And if all that wasn’t enough, he teamed up with the legendary Michael Jackson to record the mega-smash benefit single “We Are The World.”

All told, Lionel Richie never had to record another note again – especially once his breakthrough solo album, “I can’t slow down,” has been certified diamond by the RIAA. Yet his career continued on an upward trajectory, earning him the legendary status he continues to enjoy today. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he amassed an impressive net worth of $200 million and his legacy in the music industry was cemented forever.

Now his three children are enjoying the fruits of his labor while pursuing their own careers in the entertainment industry. Here’s how they do it.

Editorial note: The net worths listed in this article are speculative estimates taken from various online sources.

Nicole Richie

Photo credit: Emma McIntyre

Perhaps the best known of all of Lionel Richie’s children is his first child, Nicole Richie. After first rising to prominence as Paris Hilton’s reluctant sidekick in “The Simple Life,” Nicole Richie went on to star in several reality TV shows and even had bit parts in movies and TV shows. television. In 2005, she published a bestseller titled “The Truth About Diamonds.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nicole Richie has a net worth of $40 million.

Since 2010, she has been married to Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden and they have two children together, making Lionel Richie a grandfather.

Miles Brockman Richie

Net worth of Lionel Richie's children
Photo credit: Victor Boyko

Besides being her father’s dopplegangerMiles Brockman Richie is a model signed to Wilhemina Models and walked the runway during New York Fashion Week (per W-Magazine).

Sophie Richie

Net worth of Lionel Richie's children
Photo credit: Tommaso Boddi

The youngest of Lionel Richie’s three children, Sofia Richie is also a model, like her brother. According to wonderland magazine, she has appeared in campaigns for companies like Tommy Hilfiger, adidas and Michael Kors.

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