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Luke Hontz and his mother Susan Hontz Smith of Marietta pictured at an event years ago at the Pioneer BMX Track in Marietta. Hontz has used his love of cycling to make a career out of it. He helped develop the breast cancer awareness shoe collection at Adidas-owned Five Ten. Smith was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. (Photo provided)

MARIETTA – A Marietta native has paid tribute to his mother and other women with breast cancer through his work for a famous shoemaker.

Adidas Senior Product Manager Luke Hontz introduced the Breast Cancer Awareness collection to the Adidas team, “they knew it was a strong cause and an authentic story,” he said.

His mother, Susan Hontz Smith of Marietta, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. Smith is a retired math and science teacher at Washington Elementary School. She is proud of her son and his breast cancer awareness efforts.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“The whole issue of awareness is so important for women,” said Smith.

Luke Hontz and his mother Susan Hontz Smith today. (Photo provided)

Hontz grew up in Marietta where his upbringing included riding his bike on the BMX Pioneer Trails track in Marietta. He then moved to Lake Tahoe, California to continue his education.

“I am lucky to have been able to make my greatest passion, cycling, a career” he said.

“At the end of 2010, I started my career at Five Ten, creating a line of mountain biking shoes. At the time, Five Ten was making high quality mountaineering shoes,” he said. “We were bought by Adidas in 2011. My new job required a lot of travel which was a great experience, but it was difficult for me to be with mum when she was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. the same year. I always wished I could do more to support his journey.

Hontz said her mother was a fighter and continues to be cancer-free.

“This experience stuck with me. Two years ago, I started exploring ways to help the many people who will hear this same diagnosis,” Hontz said. “I began the process of creating products to honor my mother and raise awareness of the disease, emphasizing the importance of early detection.”

Luke Hontz on a recent show. (Photo provided)

Adidas started with a unique shoe model in the breast cancer collection.

“What started as a single shoe design, the popular Five Ten Freerider Pro Canvas, quickly evolved,” he said. “Then came the Terrex Free Hiker and the Terrex Agravic Ultra. The racing team followed up with a special edition Ultraboost, one of Adidas’ best-selling shoes. The clothes soon became part of the collection.

A donation for every product sold will go to Breast Cancer Now in the UK and Europe and the National Breast Cancer Foundation in the US.

Contributions support awareness efforts and the promotion of early detection, fund education, support services and research. Adidas flagship stores in New York, Berlin, London and Texas will carry the collection which can also be purchased at adidas.com.

“And by the way, mum is crying a ‘tear of joy’ as she tries to imagine how her personal experience could help people around the world facing a similar diagnosis. She is grateful to everyone who has helped her cure, especially Dr. Kelli Cawley (of Marietta)” he said.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. (Photo provided)

Smith’s message to other women is to stay on top of your health. She had a clean mammogram in July 2010, but was diagnosed with cancer in February the following year.

“Be extra vigilant with your breast cancer health,” she says.

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