Louisville men’s basketball receives amended notice of allegations from NCAA

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The University of Louisville received an amended version of their notice of allegations of the NCAA which was released in May 2020, the university announced on Friday.

The NOA, which originally included allegations stemming from Brian Bowen’s recruiting and Adidas’ pay-to-play program, has been amended to include additional allegations resulting from the attempted extortion of former assistant Dino Gaudio .

The allegations of the two instances will be combined into the ongoing IARP case against the program.

“When carefully considered, we will respond in the best interests of the University of Louisville and the Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball program,” the university said in a statement. “The University is not setting dates or timing for the IARP process. Realistically, we are preparing for this process to continue until spring 2022.”

In the amended AA, four new Level II claims were made:

  • The institution’s male basketball staff violated NCAA rules by allowing graduate assistants, managers and non-coaching staff with sport-specific responsibilities to participate in prohibited on-court activities with current male basketball student-athletes.
  • The institution’s male basketball staff have violated NCAA statutes by producing and showing, performing or providing personalized recruiting videos and recruiting aids to prospective basketball student-athletes male containing the names, photos and / or likenesses of future male basketball student-athletes.
  • Chris Mack (Mack), the current head coach of men’s basketball, is alleged responsible for the violations detailed in (the two previous allegations) and has not rebutted the presumption of responsibility. Specifically, Mack has failed to demonstrate that he promotes an atmosphere of compliance because of his personal involvement in the violations and / or the objectionable conduct committed under his orders.
  • (The three preceding allegations) is a violation of the responsibility of the head coach and compromises the integrity of the college model of the NCAA.

Basically: the first two are stand-alone claims; the third highlights the absence of an “atmosphere of conformity” by Mack in the first two; and the fourth is a sum of the last three, resulting in a violation of the liability of the head coach.

The program now faces one level I violation (serious conduct violation) and six level II violations (significant violation). The university has 90 days to send an amended response to the NOA.

(Photo by KFC Yum! Inside center: Sam Upshaw Jr – Louisville Courier Journal via Imgn Content Services, LLC)

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