Mangiapane’s very bad Flames logo design now on T-shirt

It’s a bad design for a good cause.

Everyone had a good laugh at the Calgary Flames forward André Mangiapanethe artistic interpretation of the team logo a few weeks ago during the NHL media tour in Toronto.

In terms of accurately portraying what the Flames logo looked like, it was – how can we say that nicely – inaccurate. The “C” was asymmetrical and thin, and the flames coming out from the rear were far too few and rounded. Here, look :

Tweet from @NHLFlames: Art.

But Mangiapane clearly did his best, and it resonated with his teammates and fans alike.

The “art” piece has been updated with color and put on a T-shirt available for sale at the Flames Team Store.

Tweet from @CGYTeamStore: IT’S HERE! The @ andrewmange13 masterpiece is now available with proceeds going to the Hotchkiss Brain Institute! 👕:

Best of all, the proceeds will go to the University of Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute, which works to find “innovative solutions for neurological and mental health disorders”.

Tweet from @HotchkissBrain: Many thanks @ andrewmange13 for creating this awesome shirt design and donating the profits to HBI. A great initiative if we say so ourselves! Get your shirt today and support #brainresearch #calgaryresearch

Mangiapane discussed the jersey with the media on Friday.

Tweet from @NHLFlames: “Everyone wants a t-shirt. The @ andrewmange13 masterpiece was all the rage in the locker room!

“I think they like it. I think the guys are laughing at me, but I think they’re just jealous,” Mangiapane joked.

“Everyone wants a t-shirt,” said the defender Erik Gudbranson.

“It wasn’t the best drawing, but hopefully I’ll work on those skills a bit later,” Mangiapane said.

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