Max, daughter of Heather Dubrow, is ‘happy’ to be a role model for her sister Kat, as she is also dating

Being the pioneer is not always easy, but Heather DubrowMax’s eldest daughter says she’s glad she was able to serve as an inspiration to her younger sister, Kat, on her own going out trip.

“Even in general, younger siblings have it very easy because [my twin brother Nick and I] paved the way,” says 18-year-old Max, who came out publicly on Instagram as bisexual in June 2020, and later wrote a book of advice for parents who want to support their LGBTQ+ children, I’ll give it to you straight.

“But I’m glad I was able to be the person to do it first because I’m the one who trusts him, the one who really doesn’t care. [what people say]I’m really me and that’s it,” she says.

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heather dubrow

Diana Koenigsberg

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Kate, 15 years old, came out as a lesbian privately to his family last summer, and is now sharing the news publicly ahead of an episode of his mother’s reality show, Real Housewives of Orange Countywho will deal with the subject.

“I was really stressed” by the news on television, admits Kat. “But I’m really grateful to have Max as an older sister, that she’s been through all of this already. Seeing my sister be so proud and seeing her so comfortable with herself, it just makes me feel like I have nothing to fear.”

the Real Housewives of Orange County star, 53, and her husband, a renowned plastic surgeon and star of SloppyTerry Dubrow, 63, says the news of Kat briefly caused “tension” between the sisters: “It can throw sparks in the equation; it was something they had to work through,” says Terry.

Ultimately, “I realized, if I can start this journey of self-expression and find out who I am, publicly or privately, and [my siblings] can learn from it in any way, so I’m thrilled,” says Max. ” Corn [Kat] definitely has a great route now!”

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heather dubrow

heather dubrow

Diana Koenigsberg

The sisters say the isolation of the pandemic has been a huge factor in their individual journeys of self-discovery.

“We had some tough times,” admits Heather. “There was a lot of introspection time, I think, for everyone.”

“That’s when I really started to question my own sexuality. I wasn’t with friends 24/7,” Kat adds. “So I really started to understand who I am versus who I am with my friends.”

For Max, “putting aside all the horrible things the pandemic has brought, I think it was really a great experience of growing and learning for me, personally. because it doesn’t matter what other people think.”

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