Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ has already inspired thousands of Halloween costumes

“Squid Game,” the South Korean dystopian thriller that debuted on Netflix on September 17, is poised to be the platform’s biggest hit to date. With Halloween on the horizon, the hugely popular show also spawned a “Squid Game” costume attack. On,

you will find over 2,000 results for the term “squid game costume”. Google Trends, the internal search engine platform that tracks user interest, reported that for the week ending October 2, searches for “squid game costume” hit a new high. And while the holidays are still a few weeks away, Instagram users are already posting their themed outfits with the hashtag #SquidGameCostume.

The costumes of the scripted show are blissfully simple. In “Squid Game,” financially struggling competitors play traditional Korean children’s games on a remote island, vying for a cash prize. Losers are quickly killed. The desperate contestants taking part in the show’s twisted game all wear basic white slip-on sneakers and forest green tracksuits with their assigned numbers sewn to the left side. Even less complex are the pink-red jumpsuits worn by the show’s menacing guards.

The easy-to-replicate ‘Squid Game’ costumes are reminiscent of simple pop culture costumes of the past like ‘Vote For Pedro’ from ‘Napoleon Dynamite’.


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The costumes complement the ubiquitous and simple Halloween costumes of the past, such as the “Napoleon Dynamite” “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt, or a “Reservoir Dogs” costume and tie. DIY fans, or those who were invited to a last minute party, could easily make a “Squid Game” outfit at home with an Adidas tracksuit and iron-on numbers. There is already a cottage industry of online posts with instructions on how to properly affix the numbers to complete a “Squid Game” competitor uniform. The more intrepid of Halloween can check out a YouTube video with over 14,000 views on how to 3D print a black perforated mask like those worn by the show’s guards.

Lazy revelers don’t need to shell out a lot for a “Squid Game” costume. On Amazon, heaps of plastic masks under $ 20 echoing the face covers of the numbered “Squid Game” guards and tracksuits can be purchased for around $ 30. The most common numbers are 456 and 067, representing the heroes of the series Seong Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae) and Kang Sae-byeok (played by Jung Ho-yeon).

Amazon sells a plethora of green “Squid Game” suits with the character numbers on the chest.



Unlike, say, the “Star Wars” or “Marvel” franchises, there aren’t any officially licensed “Squid Game” costumes for sale at gigantic Halloween retailers like Spirit Halloween, Party City, or even . Netflix’s online store does not carry official “Squid Game” costumes, although it does sell shirts and hoodies featuring the series’ iconography. The Amazon costume marketplace therefore exists in a sort of gray area to capitalize on the popularity of the series. Companies producing unauthorized “Squid Game” gear on Amazon aren’t household names for Halloween, but more impenetrable concerns like Smart.A, PreSmile, and Jayayamala. Often times, the “Squid Game” costume is the only Halloween costume these vendors sell. Through a representative, Amazon declined to comment on the unofficial nature of the costumes on its site.

Viewers’ obsession with the “Squid Game” sparks interest in these costumes, of course. But so does the straightforward nature of the characters’ outfits, especially the tracksuits. A “Squid Game” uniform is not an attention-grabbing “Barney” costume with a hanging tail that could whip and spill someone’s cocktail. It’s just a discreet tracksuit that’s not unlike the one many teleworkers wore last year. In general, tracksuits are fashionable. You can find sporty zip sets in a price range, from the $ 39 BoohooMan options all the way to Gucci’s $ 3,650 version. However, only the more adventurous Halloween ones would make numbers on a four-figure investment to make it a pop-up costume.

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