NHL gives teams ability to sell jerseys to fans with ads on them

One of the biggest questions entering the era of NHL jersey ads was whether retail jerseys — the jerseys you and I buy — would have ads on them.

This week this answer became clearer after an eagle-eyed student from the University of Minnesota noticed that the Wild’s authentic Adidas jerseys had TRIA patches on them.

The viral tweet put ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski on the case, prompting comment from the NHL and the Fanatics – the league’s official retailer.

Every authentic Adidas jersey sold at the Wild’s team store, The Hockey Lodge, will have TRIA advertising both online and in brick and mortar.

The Wild posted this on their online website where they sell their authentic Adidas jerseys.

The note reads as follows:

On all adidas jerseys there will be a TRIA patch. The 3 x 3.5 patch is attached on the front right shoulder of the jersey

According to Wyshynski, the Wild’s advertising policy is “by request only,” suggesting that each NHL team will have a choice in how their retail jerseys are presented.

With the Capitals, that could prove to be a tricky decision, with Caesars Sportsbook being their home jersey sponsor. Having not just one ad on a jersey, but one that promotes the game may be a bridge too far for some Capitals fans looking to purchase new merchandise, especially one priced over $200.

Last season, helmet ads were widely accepted and did not bother NHL fans, providing the league and its teams with a new source of revenue. But jersey ads on retail jerseys will be a trickier activation to navigate.

More details will likely be released as the season nears.

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