Patrick Mahomes’ signature shoe sells immediately for adidas

No one should be surprised that Patrick Mahomes’ new line of signature shoes with adidas has sold out so quickly. Everything about the star KC Chiefs quarterback is a hot commodity, from player jerseys to football cards, which makes him hard to find and possibly expensive.

Last week, Mahomes unveiled the launch of its new line of footwear – the arrival of the Mahomes IMPACT FLX – which finally went on sale this week. Mahomes even previewed the sales launch last night on his Twitter feed before releasing fans on the adidas website on Monday afternoon with the following.

From there it was only a matter of minutes (maybe seconds?) Until the shoes were impossible to buy. If you’ve been lucky enough to land a pair (or more), you’ve got a product in demand that’s likely to see a big aftermarket response. For now, Mahomes fans hoping to cash in will have to wait for adidas to make more available.

Patrick Mahomes’ signature shoe is a hot seller.

The shoe company is just the latest business investment with Mahomes, who is already one of the NFL’s most popular players in overall merchandise sales. Mahomes was instrumental in introducing the Whataburger restaurant franchise to the KC area, and he is now also a co-owner of local sports franchises like the Kansas City Royals and Sporting KC.

The reason why Mahomes shoes sell the way they do? He is an unrivaled artist in America’s most popular sport. While he is surrounded by All-Pro talents like Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, the truth is he is also the best quarterback in the game today and is only in his prime. He’s already won a regular season MVP, a Super Bowl MVP trophy, and continues to break NFL records with each new season as he produces at historic levels.

For those who missed out on Mahomes’ shoe line on Monday, don’t worry. The reality is that Mahomes always dreams big and creates new opportunities and innovations. The biggest dream, at least off the pitch, seems to be to bring an NBA franchise to the region. While that’s a tall order for a number of reasons, the reality is that Mahomes has the Midas touch. I wouldn’t bet against him.

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