Potential New Jersey Devils third jersey leaked and it’s bad

The New Jersey Devils did not have an originally designed third jersey. In previous seasons where the team had retro and reverse retro jerseys, this was clearly the 1980s design with 1980s colors. I was not a fan, but a lot of People Who Matter l ‘we love you. Still, it wasn’t like they’d used a new logo or done anything dramatic with the design. The Devils changed their new jersey, which is still sorely lacking in an inferior strip due to a reference to a 1920s minor hockey team that no one really cares about then and now.

However, there has been a rumor that there will be a third jersey design for the New Jersey Devils. There have been fans who would have loved a black jersey, as noted in Jenna’s post that I linked to in this paragraph. Apparently there will be a third jersey and it is black. But it is not good. Per GabeTM, photos of which were distributed by ice and other sites (eg r / devils), the potential Devils third shirt has been leaked. It’s here:

Phew. Where do I start?

First and foremost, I ask once again to meet these people who care about the Newark Bulldogs, a professional minor hockey team that only existed for one season in 1928-29, in 2021. And then I will ask why all of them work for adidas. No one, I repeat, no one has asked for any recall from this team that has literally done nothing in a league that no longer exists. They weren’t even good; they went 14-26 in their only season at Newark. Yet not only are they a reason there is no bottom stripe on current Devils jerseys, but their jersey pattern is the basis for that third jersey. No one outside of the internet trolling people will be delighted that the Devils pay tribute to this short-lived team who did nothing in their one season at Brick City. Why adidas and anyone in the organization who endorsed this thinks otherwise, I can’t tell you.

Second, even though people cared, this model is just plain ugly. The background being bare except for a single white stripe at the bottom just looks empty. Adding a traditional set of bottom stripes would complete the look and be consistent with the shoulders and arms. by the way, why are the stripes different for the arms and shoulders? Three thick for the top and three thin and two thicker for the arms just look weird. It’s not even consistent and makes it stand out badly. And why is there a drawstring at the neckline? To tie, what exactly? I have no problem with the colors because black and white are neutral colors. But I agree that it is a boring and safe background. All in all, it manages to be both messy and boring at the same time.

Third, the logo. Or, rather, the word mark. What is that? It’s just awful. There is no meaning or message in this “JERSEY”. Yes, people call this state Jersey in short. (Sorry, British, your little island isn’t relevant here either.) It would have been a bit more on the nose if it was “Newark” or even “Essex County”, but that wouldn’t change the reality of this. centerpiece of this Jersey. It makes this whole jersey look like a counterfeit uniform for a 1990s hockey video game that couldn’t get the NHL license. The font has no meaning. The script lettering has no meaning. It’s on a slight diagonal because something. It contains the only representation of red – the primary color of New Jersey Devils – on the set that people will actually see. It is only a shadow for the terrible meaningless lettering. So the only color that could really stand out on a black and white jersey is hardly used. This makes it an afterthought at best and a waste at worst. The whole look of the wordmark seems to be that a designer spent 5 minutes on it and moved on. How do you replace the best sports logo with a simple wordmark? How? ‘Or’ What?!

What annoys me so much is that a third black jersey for the Devils is a very simple idea! Some of the people who matter have bought and worn black Devils training jerseys and it’s all just a black jersey with the best logo in the sport on it. That’s literally all adidas had to do. Take the classic Devils jerseys when they regularly made the playoffs and won cups and reverse the colors. Black background, red and white stripes, white letters. Boom. Ended. Lots of people will spend $ 150-250 on that. And I offered this idea for free. (You’re welcome, adidas.) Whatever the cost of that lazy, boring, meaningless design, adidas was overpriced.

If someone at adidas had reached out to one of the people that matters and asked them what they would like from a third shirt, more likely that is what they would want. Not that lazy sweater that looks like a cheap take on a Devils jersey by Dollar Store. Who approved this at adidas? Better yet, who in the Devils approved this tea towel?

I really hope this leak turns out to be wrong. However, I am afraid this is the case. Apparently Gabe TM is on point with these things. And that larger, jersey-focused accounts like ice go with it adds more credibility to its legitimacy. Maybe this leak serves to gauge interest and that could change. It would be the best of times. But I’m afraid that’s the real thing. Needless to say, I won’t buy, wear, or model this one.

Of course, I’m a hockey blogger and not necessarily a fashion expert (and certainly not a model). I know what I like and it’s not that. Still, I want to know what you think. Do you like this third jersey? Would you like to pay money for it? Do you know someone who isn’t trolling and actually cares about the Newark Bulldogs this year? Please leave your answers and other thoughts on this jersey in the comments. Thanks for the reading.

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