Qatar push for World Cup vaccinations, Smith Rowe start-up deal, Wycombe ‘cut’ for £ 20million – The Athletic


The use of vaccination among footballers has been a hot topic of debate and the biggest point of tension so far could come to a head.

Athletic has learned that Qatar is pushing for all players participating in the 2022 World Cup to be compulsorily vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Gulf country has already announced that those who take part in the tournament next November will need to be fully vaccinated, with the prime minister saying in June that Qatar is trying to get a million extra doses to immunize fans.

Qatar has administered more than 4.6 million vaccines so far, enough to have vaccinated around 82% of the country’s population, among the highest rates in the world. It is also a very densely populated country, which makes it a sensitive issue due to the potential impact on tourism and reputation.

It is understood that Qatar maintains the same position when it comes to World Cup players. This could be a factor in the decisions of some international stars as to whether to have jabs, as participation has been mixed among professional footballers.

Discussions continue between stakeholders, including FIFA and Qatari medical authorities, over an amicable solution, as not all parties want to see the tournament private from its star players.

Various options are being discussed, including alternatives such as which players must report negative tests every three days, while exemptions have been included in the draft protocols for the tournament, although they have not yet been. approved.

Laborious discussions have also taken place regarding the Arab Cup, which will kick off in Qatar on November 30 and serve as a test event for the World Cup a year later.


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