Reebok’s Futuristic Zig Kinetica II Gets Weather-Resistant Gore-Tex Upgrade

Reebok’s Zig Kinetica II sneaker is perhaps one of the brand’s best models, helping it out of the ditch where Adidas left it. The futuristic shoe has been among Reebok’s most successful collaborations, including partnerships with other streetwear brands Brain Dead and Cottweiler, and has even been considered an “underrated” sneaker by Grab.

As winter approaches – and possibly more storm flooding – Reebok has transformed its Zig Kinetica II to withstand all weather conditions, adding a heavy Gore-Tex upper to the sneaker, which looks like now more to a boot. Arriving in monochrome black and white color schemes, the performance shoes now feature slip-resistant and waterproof features, while maintaining a surprisingly stylish look.

Ready for everything – Raised, literally, by a spiked outsole, the Gore-Tex Zig Kinetica II has been reinvented with many technical design features. A durable ripstop-look upper, which extends upward like a boot, replaces the shoe’s traditional low upper. The tone-on-tone distorted patterns are reminiscent of the groovy details of the original sneaker, while the zippers, ankle straps and two locking straps wrap around the heels, midfoot and forefoot – foot.

Oversized Gore-Tex branding hits the mid-sides of the stable sneaker – if you can even call it that – and six cables lock the front down. The outstanding sole design of the Zig Kinetica II remains the same, only enhanced by substantial Vibram traction to get you through any kind of weather.

Exclusive to Japan – Available in a practical “Core Black” rendering and a “Chalk” mod, the Reebok Zig Kinetica II Edge Gore-Tex offers a functional yet fashionable shoe – and thanks to Reebok’s reputation for suffering, the sneaker boot will be. probably no hype and easy to get. Still, its sleek design promises a brighter future for Reebok, if the brand chooses to continue distributing clean kicks rather than defaulting to a lucrative collaboration.


There is only one downside to the Zig Kinetica II Edge Gore-Tex shoe: Like most stylish outdoor gear, the basketball shoe fell only in Japan. Retailing for 20,900 yen (around $ 190), the rugged shoe is a bit pricey, not inducing the price of a proxy service. Still, your purchase may be justified the next time the weather turns lousy – and at least you’ll look good.

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