Review of SHEIN, Nike Dunk Drop Calendar, Balenciaga x adidas

It’s the weekend, baby!

To kick off our weekly recap, let’s cut out the scary stuff: Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter, Travis Scott is launching his comeback, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have a date with Jeff Bezos, and fast fashion giant SHEIN is looking for a valuation of 100 billion dollars.

However, the week was not dark and catastrophic. Lizzo launched a shapewear brand, Highsnobiety got its hands on viral Heven x Coperni glass handbags, and Al Pacino was confirmed as the proud owner of a Shrek iPhone case.

In just a few drops, Supreme released bloody T-shirts, Billie Eilish and Nike unveiled an eco-conscious Air Force 1, and Therabody released a Theragun for your face. Not all releases have gone smoothly – MSCHF and Tyga’s “Wavy Baby” shoe, set to debut on April 18, is now the subject of a lawsuit filed by Vans.

Now, before diving into our review of the week, take a minute to check out Palianytsia, a newly launched website compiling a master list of Ukrainian fashion brands to support.

Everyone hates SHEIN but no one wants to stop buying it

“On Highsnobiety’s Instagram post about SHEIN’s takeover of fast fashion, comments ranged from ‘BLOCK SHEIN’ to ‘I have no respect for SHEIN’, with no positive words to be found… Audiences clearly despise SHEIN but someone is buying.”

For Rihanna, basic maternity clothes were never an option

“Rihanna’s pregnancy style is a big deal, people. it also shows that there is no shame in the pregnant game, with the hope of raising other moms-to-be.”

What’s wrong with this adidas x Balenciaga Triple S?!?

“You’ve seen the Gucci Triple S, you’ve seen Guccididas shoes, but you’ve never seen an adidas x Balenciaga Triple S before.”

PSA: leggings become pants again

“Move those low rise jeans and make room for Believe It Or Not, It’s Back’s latest fashion streak: leggings as pants.”

Here’s Your Ultimate Nike Dunk Low Release Radar

“If you’re sick of seeing the ‘Panda’ colorway or still find yourself trying your best to get your hands and feet on a pair of Dunk Lows but find it hard to sift through the noise, look no further – this release radar has been compiled to help you stay on top of everything Nike has in the works.”

Fashion Obscura: Kirsten Dunst’s 2003 Met Gala

“To launch Fashion Obscura, Highsnobiety’s new series traveling through the annals of underrated fashion history, I call it: KiKi’s 2003 Met Gala outfit is modern fashion like KiKi’s filmography is in the history of modern cinema.”

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