Six Evergreen businesses robbed |

Six Evergreen businesses were robbed between Oct. 31 and Nov. 2, according to the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office.

Parkside Café and Evergreen Cleaners in Bergen Park, as well as Morning Star Jewelers in Evergreen Safeway Mall were robbed on Halloween, while Coal Mine Dragon, Bistro Del Lago and Everbean, all located at Lakepoint Center on Upper Bear Creek Road , were robbed on November 2.

Jacki Kelley, a spokeswoman for the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office, said investigators are unsure if all six are connected, but the method of entry is the same for all but the jewelry store burglary. Windows were smashed to enter the five businesses, and the perpetrators targeted cash registers. At the jewelry store, the door was forced open, several glass jewelry boxes were smashed, and large amounts of jewelry were stolen.

Morning Star had cameras and the sheriff’s office has photos of the person who entered the store, Kelley said. Photos show the person is fully covered except for a backpack and shoes, and she hopes someone can identify the person. Anyone with tips can call 303-271-5612.

The jewelry store robbery suspect appears to have a slim build, wearing skinny jeans, a dark-colored jacket with a hood, and dark-colored Adidas shoes with white stripes. The suspect’s backpack has distinct dark-colored ribbing, Kelley said.

“We’ve arrested suspects before with very little information about their appearance,” she said. “If you see someone with a lot of jewelry or a lot of cash, call the tip line.”

According to the owners of Coal Mine Dragon, the burglars took the cash register and its contents, and this is the first time their restaurant has been robbed in the 36 years they have been in business in Evergreen. They are happy that the restaurant is empty and no one has been injured.


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