Sneaker News Release Updates November 27, 2021

The past seven days haven’t been without their fair share of exciting sneaker-related news, but recapping Air Jordan’s upcoming releases, Yeezy Drops and adidas retros seems inappropriate given the tragic loss of the leader of Off- White, Virgil Abloh, Sunday, November 28.

To the uninformed, Abloh, 41, might seem like a longtime staple in the fashion world, but this assumption is far from the truth.

In the mid-2000s, the Ghanaian American began working with then-Kanye West, helping the Chicagoan bring his ideas to life through the power of Photoshop. Ye’s now defunct Pastelle clothing line was made almost entirely through Abloh, who also helped with some of the former Mr West’s other creative endeavors, from the album cover design. , the deployment of music and the presentation of the tour. In the early 2010s, Abloh was appointed Creative Director of Donda, the multidisciplinary agency Ye announced on Twitter on January 5, 2012. Therefore, Virgil Abloh has played an important role in everything associated with the artist. formerly known as “The Creative Production of Kanye West”, but he had also explored his own creativity around the same time.

If you spent any time on Tumblr or on menswear-focused blogs and news posts in the early 2010s, chances are you witnessed the birth of Pyrex Vision. Although ridiculed on forums and other forms of social media, the streetwear brand was Abloh’s first concerted high-profile fashion effort. Yes, he printed on rugby flannels produced by Polo Ralph Lauren and charged an astonishing 700% margin, but, as history has now proven, he did so to establish a firm presence in a space. who had historically neglected people like him and his interests. . Due to legal issues, Abloh changed their brand to “Off-White” at the suggestion of A $ AP Twelvyy. While no longer reusing products from other labels, the Milan-based brand has doubled down on some of the design DNA born from Pyrex Vision, namely the use of fonts and white stripes. For those “in the know”, Abloh’s “fashion” propositions were a breath of fresh air by bringing streetwear into the industry’s “big leagues”, but he and the Off-White label didn’t. will become known names only in 2017.

Before losing the battle with cardiac angiosarcoma, an aggressive and rare form of cancer, Abloh said he designed his “The Ten” collection for NIKE, Inc. with the intention of creating works of art. Some collectors have surely treated man’s work as such, keeping them unworn and in pristine condition, but everything from Air Jordan 5 collaborations to Nike Dunk reimaginations has permeated the zeitgeist to the point that the we could say Nike, Jordan Brand and Converse. owe their current relevance – and dominance – to Abloh. Perhaps to the jealousy of many of the creators of these brands, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection was able to manipulate some of history’s most iconic sneaker models, taking them apart and showcasing them in a way that made them magical by presenting them as these sports clothes.

Simply put, there will never be another Virgil Abloh, but the man made it his mission, entering the limelight, to remind spectators of all stripes – the ‘guardians’, the banished black youths. – that he was the representative of a community. As a kid about an hour outside of Chicago, Abloh fell in love with hip-hop, basketball, skateboarding, design, and other interests. In 2021, more and more people can identify with the multifaceted nature it exhibits. So even though they will never be another Abloh, there will always be 17 year olds who are pressured to overturn the status quo; bridging the gaps between seemingly disparate worlds; and openly share the “codes” of everything from starting a brand to dj at Art Basel.

Virgil was most certainly here, and, if you’re careful, he still is.

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