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DuBois and Sandy Township, Pennsylvania – As the Town of DuBois and the Township of Sandy work out the details of how the consolidation will happen, fire department consolidation has been a hot topic from the start.

Herm Suplizio, the city manager of DuBois and former fire chief, provided an update during the consolidation committee meeting.

Suplizio says it’s a tricky situation, with nine separate fire companies. He says people logically know that the area after consolidation won’t need to have nine businesses, but no one wants their own station to be the one closing.

He also pointed out that these fire companies are run by volunteers who are unpaid and volunteer their time.

Suplizio says volunteer firefighters are hard to come by these days anyway, so he warned against anything that might distract volunteers from their businesses.

As part of the consolidation, the Township of Sandy and Town of DuBois fire companies will operate under one department.

Committees are still determining exactly how the fire department will operate and what kinds of changes might need to be made.

Listen to the audio of the encounter with Herm Suplizio. Starting around 3:30 into the audio, Suplizio talks about the challenges of consolidation for fire companies and the hard work of their volunteers.

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