Swedish women release new Adidas jersey with guide on how to stop them

The world’s top-ranked European women’s football team, Sweden, today unveiled their new shirts for the UEFA Women’s Euro in England. In a unique marketing ploy, the kits are printed with a guide to the team’s tactical style and player strengths, so confident is the team to perform well this summer.

First European champions in 1984, Sweden have not won a major international title since then. However, their team is consistently one of the most successful on the world stage, winning bronze at the last FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019 and silver medalists at the last two Olympics. Since 2013, they have been wearing shirts produced by the German company adidas, the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe.

The printed guide on how to stop the team is displayed inside the collar of the shirt. He advises that “first of all Sweden are one of the fastest teams in the world and also one of the best on the counter-attack, do everything you can to get the ball back once you get it. lost… try to force the Swedish players on the sidelines and shut them down aggressively.”

Arsenal striker Stina Blackstenius reveals “in the analysis we lay out exactly how we win, how we play and how opposing teams – maybe – have a chance of stopping us. Our team is better than ever and we enter the Euros with courage and confidence. This summer, we hope that the Swedish people will show solidarity with us, it is an important moment for our team.

In addition to the jersey, the Swedish Football Association (SvFF) has released a digital guide, How to Stop Sweden, written by the team’s chief analyst, Anders Eriksson. It highlights 31 top players in the squad and gives advice on how opponents need to play to stop Sweden this summer. He explained that “the numerical analysis of the team and the individual players is a clue for the opponents. Now they can just buy the football shirt to have a chance to challenge them in the Women’s Euro. UEFA.”

As well as a tongue-in-cheek promotion, the shirts are a nod to the country’s reputation as one of the most progressive democracies in the world. Helena Taube Rehnmark, Marketing and Sales Director of the Swedish Football Association, said: “Sweden is a country famous for its transparency and openness, and that is evident in this shirt and in the guide. But the shirt is just as much about celebrating our national team – by being one of the favorites this summer, we’re looking to make it a long summer and come back with the gold.”

This is not the first time that the Swedish women’s national team and adidas have teamed up to make headlines for the messages they have displayed on their shirts. Before the previous UEFA Women’s Euro in 2017, Sweden took to the pitch at the Algarve Cup wearing shirts with players’ names replaced with words that “inspire and motivate women to show that everything is possible”.

In the traditional Swedish colors of yellow and blue, the design of the new jersey is inspired by the Swedish maritime coast, with a wavy silhouette around the neck that mirrors the shape of the Swedish coastline. The new kits will be available from Thursday when the team play there for the first time in a World Cup qualifier in Georgia.

The limited-edition shirts with full team analysis will be sold exclusively through the Swedish Football Association website.

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