Talking Trikots: Bayern Munich’s best home, away and third kits this decade

Football and fashion are surprisingly closely linked, and we have decided to give the aesthetic aspect of football the credit it deserves. Talking Trikots is a new segment on BFW that will feature all things Bayern Munich fashion, from historic swimsuits to sexy shirts, and everything in between.

In Frauen’s Champions League win on Thursday, BFW Sclack sparked a bit of debate about the kits they wore and the appeal of Bayern Munich’s current season kits. With football kits quickly becoming iconic pieces in streetwear, we thought (or I thought) it was a good time to revisit some of the best kits Bayern have produced over the years – at home, away. and third.

This piece will therefore cover Bayern’s best home, away and third kits in recent memory. We will only be looking at kits from this decade, as this decade is when football kits really started to be seen as fashionable clothing. We also left out the goalkeeper kit as these are made based on models applicable to all adidas sponsored teams.

Without further ado, take advantage of it!

Home: 2011/13

Photo by liewig christian / Corbis via Getty Images

Forget that decade, this particular jersey is probably among the best kits FC Bayern has ever worn. It’s a deep red, neither too bright nor too dark. Slight stripes run through the shirt, not too noticeable, but enough to stand out a bit. Finally, gold accents and adidas stripes adorn the kit to create one of the finest kits in Bayern’s long and rich history, if not the most beautiful. Even in the world of football, this kit can stand out from a lot of other kits. Gold accents are very rarely wrong, and the red and gold match makes it look like a lucky charm, rightly considering the team’s performance while wearing it.

The kit was so good it was worn two seasons in a row. Its first season was a bit of a disappointment, with the club ending without a single trophy and ending with the Champions League final which never took place. However, the following season the club lived up to their jersey by having one of the best seasons in history, losing just three games in total and winning a historic treble.

Perhaps the best moment of this kit was the 7-0 cumulative victory over Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final. A golden performance dressed in a golden jersey. Perfection.

Honorable mention: 2020/21

Paris Saint Germain vs Bayern Munich: UEFA Champions League final

Photo by Julian Finney / UEFA / Handout / Agence Anadolu via Getty Images

From a design point of view, this is not the most attractive jersey on the market, but it is nonetheless beautiful. The reason he’s making this list isn’t because of how he looks, but because it’s officially the most legendary shirt in club history. It was worn in the decisive 19/20 Bundesliga match, the 2020 DFB-Pokal final, the 2020 Champions League final, the UEFA Super Cup, the DFL Super Cup and the Club World Cup final. Bayern have won those six matches to complete a historic six-time. Not only that, but he was also worn in the title maker during the following season’s Bundesliga title maker. What type of jersey has seven trophies to its name?

Outside: 2021/22

FC Bayern Muenchen - FC Augsburg - Bundesliga

Photo by Stefan Matzke – sampics / Corbis via Getty Images

Our next entry is also one of the last entries in the Bayern jersey closet. The outdoor kit for the current season is really something special. Despite the fact that it’s not really in the club’s tradition, Bayern look great in dark colors, be they blue or black. This year adidas went all out and created a gorgeous black and gold jersey for Bayern Munich, and it’s just stunning.

A series of light dots subtly creates the iconic Bavarian flag diamond pattern on the front of the shirt, and all other highlights, logos, stripes, all done in gold, in stark contrast to the jersey’s jet black background . The only downside to the shirt is that it doesn’t feature any stars above the club logo, but that doesn’t stop it from being an incredibly attractive shirt nonetheless.

Because it’s still the start of the season, this jersey hasn’t had the chance to really shine yet. In fact, it has only been worn once at the time of writing, during the Bundesliga game against RB Leipzig. However, he still has a very special memory.

The shirt made its debut in the last game of the 2020/21 season. The match was precisely the farewell matches for outgoing legends Javi Martínez, David Alaba and Jérôme Boateng, not to mention six-time coach Hansi Flick and assistant coach Hermann Gerland. Talk about going out in style. Not only that, but it was also the match in which Robert Lewandowski broke Gerd Müller’s scoring record at 40, while looking good in a nice shirt.

Honorable mention: 2017/18

FC Augsburg vs FC Bayern Munich

Photo by Sven Hoppe / picture alliance via Getty Images

This kit was inspired by the 1998 kit, dark blue with a red band around the waist. It’s another great jersey, and it was worn in Jupp Heynckes’ last season with Bayern. It wasn’t the most memorable season so there isn’t much to say about the shirt record, but it was worn in the Bundesliga title maker.

Third: 2019/20

Crvena Zvezda - Bayern Munich: Group B - UEFA Champions League

Photo by TF-Images / Getty Images

Now the third kits are not getting the credit they deserve. They are rarely worn and often take the backstage of kits at home and away. It’s a shame, because they have some of the best designs. Take the third 19/20 kit for example. It’s a dark navy, almost black, with fluorescent orange highlights. It has very minimal details which makes it even more elegant. It is also very subtly studded with small diamonds, which pay homage to the club’s Bavarian roots. See, this is how you combine modern with tradition. The result is a disconcertingly beautiful piece of fabric that should truly be recognized more than it actually is.

Sadly, as we said before, the third kit doesn’t shine as much, and this one is no exception. During Bayern’s 19/20 treble-winning campaign, the shirt has only been worn five times, three in the Bundesliga and twice in the Champions League. But Bayern didn’t lose a single game wearing this kit and only lost points once. See what a badass-looking shirt does to you?

Fun fact: The shirt was also the last 19/20 kit to wear this season, as the 20/21 home shirt made its debut in the next game. Again, talk about going out in style.

Honorable mention: N / A

We think this deserves a piece of its own, there are just too many nice third kits out there. Stay tuned!

So this is it ! Which home, away or third kit have you liked so far? Let us know in the comments!

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