The alleged reason why Canada would be the only team without a new jersey at the World Cup

Part of the thrill of celebrating a fifa world cup is the joy of discovering which jersey your National team will wear to the tournament. An event of such magnitude always deserves a special jersey for the tournament. However, in Qatar 2022 there would be a team that would break this trend, Canada.

The main designers of jerseys in the world, Nike, Adidas and Pumahave already launched the shirts of the national teams with which they have a contract to wear them at Qatar 2022. United States, France, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina… but no news from Canada.

This is surprising considering that after 36 long years of absence from a FIFA World Cup, the maple leaves succeeded in positioning themselves at the top of CONCACAFahead of the giants Mexico and USMNTfor a spot at Qatar 2022. So why does it seem like Canada won’t have a new jersey design for soccer’s biggest tournament?

Canada’s Trade Partnership with Nike

From 2011 to 2018, Canada was dressed by Umbro. Before that, the Maple Leafs‘ jersey suppliers were Score and, in two stages, Adidaswho made the jersey with which the North American team played the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, its only participation in this tournament so far.

Thus, in December 2018, the start of the partnership between Nike and Canada was announced. It was the first time in history that this company worked with the Canadians. One way or another, the glorious days experienced by fans in this country to see their team qualify for Qatar 2022 will always have the company of ticks as a key part of their memory.

What happened between Nike and Canada that there was no new jersey for Qatar 2022?

At the outset, it should be noted that the following is theory, speculation based on statements. Nothing concrete. In fact, for sure there is still no official announcement that Canada won’t have a new jersey for the upcoming FIFA World Cup or why that happened.

However, it is impossible not to point out that the vast majority of qualified teams have already released their Qatar 2022 shirts, or are in the process of doing so, and Canada has remained quiet and silent. Nearly two months before the start of the tournament, the situation is worrying.

Earl Cochrane, General Secretary of Canada Soccer Told Athleticism that creating a new jersey for a national team, especially for an event like the World Cup, is a process that takes many years. The aforementioned media points out that it would take a company like Nike at least 18 months to accomplish this task.

While the launches of the new Qatar 2022 jerseys for the qualified National Teams took place mainly in August and September, the creation process should have started, and then, by March 2021, at which time Canada was not not yet certain that his place in the World Cup would be achieved.

The alleged reason why Canada won’t wear a new jersey at the next World Cup

This is where the speculation begins. In a statement from Canadian defender and national team member Sam Adekugbe, Hatayspor’s (Turkey) player, reported by Athleticismthe reason Nike did not design a jersey for Canada, it is the lack of confidence of the Canadian Soccer Association to finally qualify for a World Cup after 36 years in the shadows.

I just feel like every team should have a new kit for the World Cup because it’s a symbolic event. I don’t hate it, but I wish I had a new kit…I think it just shows that nobody really believed in us. I don’t think Canada believed it. But the only person who really believed in it was John Herdman (manager of Canada), and the group that was around,“expressed Adekugbe.

In another revealing statement, also echoed by Athleticismthe aforementioned Canada Soccer General Secretary Earl Cochrane reinforced Sam Adekugbe’s point: “(The request for a shirt design for Qatar 2022) I don’t know why these conversations didn’t happen, or if they were even asked. I just know that when we qualified the possibility of returning a specific shirt was not considered at that time.”.

The resolution of this controversial chapter should be known soon, as for the next FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Approaching at a dizzying pace whether Canada will have a new jersey to wear at the tournament should be known sooner rather than later. Otherwise, the team will wear the same jersey that has earned a place in the hearts of its fans as the one used to qualify for a World Cup after a painful and prolonged absence.

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