The best leather soccer shoes you can buy in 2021

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Leather football boots are iconic. The great stars of yesteryear wrote their chapters in football history with exquisitely designed leather boots on the feet, both timeless and exceptionally efficient. Many top elite footballers today still wear leather football boots, expertly designed and equipped with modern technology.

At the very least, leather soccer shoes are comfortable. The luxurious, soft material is hard to beat on this score and the soft surface it offers also allows for cushioned first touches.

Along with comfort and first touch, leather boots are as tough and durable as they get, making them a unique blend of qualities that are sure to improve your performance on any surface, from any level. Here are the best leather soccer shoes on the market.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9

Nike’s Tiempo line rose to prominence at the feet of the legendary Ronaldinho, but has since become a favorite shoe for players who embody the opposite of the Brazilian brand’s flair.

In recent years, Tiempos has been widely worn by a more down-to-earth breed of footballers – those whose positions or styles see them prefer to keep the game simple rather than seek to be entertained. However, the latest version of this classic series has a little something for everyone. It remains a durable, reliable and extremely comfortable boot, featuring a cushioned insole with NikeGrip technology for traction and a Flyknit tunnel for a tailored fit, but it is also extremely light and its default colourway white, Bright crimson and volt can only be described as eye-catching.

Raised textures and soft foam lugs on the upper allow for greater precision when dribbling or receiving passes and is a fantastic all-rounder suitable for players in all positions.

The Tiempo Legend 9 is still very popular with center-backs, although modern play has raised the bar for these players’ technical skills considerably as the build at the back continues to gain popularity. Virgil van Dijk, Jules Kounde, Thiago Silva, Gerard Pique and Lucas Hernandez are certainly not left with the ball on their feet. However, it is also worn by top players in other positions, Van Dijk’s teammates at Liverpool, Alisson and Jordan Henderson, also wearing the boots, for example.

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    Adidas Copa Sense

The Adidas Copa Sense is a supreme quality leather soccer shoe specially designed for comfort and perfect ball control.

The unique foam SensePods fill the space between your heel or ankle and the back of the shoe and provide a superb blend of stability and softness, creating a boot that feels like it’s molded over your foot. The seamless feel is made more comfortable by the inner suede lining and Primeknit K-leather upper. The shock-absorbing TouchPods are noticeable when receiving and controlling the ball, with the technology adding a cushioned feel to every touch – a superb innovation in a leather boot.

Finally, the Copa Sense features SoftStuds, which make handling easier through the use of a more flexible lug that helps you maintain a high level of traction without compromising your ability to stop and change direction at intervals. short and precise.

This very modern boot packed with new technology has a laceless option with a soft hitting point (the Copa Sense +) or a more traditional lace-up option that offers a more familiar and secure feel (the Copa Sense. 1)

The Copa Sense.1 is worn by a number of top players in various positions including Manuel Neuer, Jude Bellingham, Mats Hummels and David de Gea, while the Copa Sense + without laces is worn by Paulo Dybala and Pedri. , among others.

Get the Copa Sense + from Adidas for £ 230.00 WHERE Adidas Copa Sense.1 for £ 126.00

Adidas Copa Mundial

How could there be a list of the best leather soccer shoes that doesn’t include the Adidas Copa Mundial?

This classic shoe is one of the best ever made, and if you’re a nostalgic, down-to-earth footballer, they’re perfect for you. Produced in 1979 and making its debut on the big stage at the 1982 World Cup in Spain, the Copa Mundial is still a stylish and quality boot today.

The premium, soft K-leather upper boldly showcases Adidas’ signature three stripes, while the top of the laces is covered by the iconic tongue and the interior is lined with nylon. It’s simple, yet effective, offering a blend of durability, comfort, and first-touch cushioning.

This old-fashioned boot is quite large and a bit heavier than many modern products, but make no mistake – the Copa Mundial still has its place at the feet of a defensive midfielder or a tough center-back. today.

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Puma King Platinum 21

The Puma King Platinum 21 is the company’s latest attempt to modernize its legendary original Puma King.

It is lightweight, although it is a full leather boot with a one piece K leather upper. However, the upper is basic and thin to avoid unnecessary weight, but it is still reinforced in the instep as a preventative measure against over-stretching.
While many leather boots are associated with more defensive players these days, the Puma King Platinum is clearly designed for close control and dribbling. The slim shank means you feel every touch of the ball and, despite the material used, its tight fit and weight make it feel similar to a modern speed shoe.

For anyone looking to combine nostalgia, close control, and generous amounts of leather, this reinvention of the classic Puma King might be just what you’ve been looking for.

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Mizuno Morelia Neo III

Mizuno is not a brand that attracts much attention from top footballers in Europe’s top five leagues. However, that’s a shame because the Mizuno Morelia Neo III is an extremely stylish leather boot.

Not only that, but it is one of the lightest leather boots you can find. The soft and thin one-piece K-leather upper of this third-generation model is perfect for players with an explosive pace in their locker, and it achieves it without compromising exceptional durability.

The knit midfoot is uniquely responsive and secure without feeling stiff or inflexible, playing its part in creating a cohesive boot that seeks to blend the cushioning and comfort of leather perfectly – which it does superbly, allowing soft, quality touches with any part of the boot – with an almost barefoot feel of close control and lightness.

This extremely comfortable leather boot is both a great speed boot and a terrific all-rounder – it’s very hard to go wrong here.

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Nike Premier III

The Nike Premier range is a classic that has received a modern twist and is now a grassroots favorite, with this new third edition freshly hitting the market.

The plush, supple and soft K-leather upper is the perfect platform for skillful landings of the ball, with custom cushioning areas placed on the instep and exterior to aid players in their training. quest for perfect control.

As an elite leather soccer shoe it is, of course, extremely comfortable and the embossed branding on the heel pairs with the overlay tongue for a sleek, premium look worthy of its name.

Seeking customizable fashion – and perhaps pragmatism, in the case of some – Nike has generously provided a dashed cut line on the tongue of the boot for those who want to carefully remove the extra flap for a reason. any.

This model and its exceptional craftsmanship are certainly not aimed at flashy and flair players. Clearly this is a practical leather boot that is ready to run through any quality soccer field, with anti-clog traction on the sole to prevent mud from sticking. If you play on pitches that sometimes look like bogs, but still want a quality, comfortable football boot, then the Nike Premier III is exactly what you are looking for.

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