The fisherman logo could be used on the next reverse retro jersey

Oh no! This one is definitely not going to piss people off. There is a rumor that the New York Islanders may return a controversial logo for reverse retro jerseys when they return for the 2022-23 season.

Next year the NHL will return with the reverse retro concept they did last season, and Post2Post, which covers the NHL on YouTube claims they will use the fisherman logo for it.

That cry you heard in the distance was every Islanders fan over 40 was thinking about the possibility. Yes, the Islanders ditching the original logo and color scheme was a bad idea, no one is denying that, but as an alternate jersey that gets worn a handful of times a season for nostalgia reasons, why not?

To be clear, while I personally don’t hate the idea, I’d be amazed if the islanders had actually done it. I’m not buying the rumor for a second.

Last year, the Islanders literally took home jerseys and made them a bit darker. Think Lou Lamoriello cares about making a fun retro reverse jersey? I strongly doubt it.

If anything, maybe I’m planning an orange jersey. Maybe they can do an updated version of the oranges they had in the early 2000s or just do a swap where orange is the main color with white and blue accents.

Either way, Lamoriello doing anything to rock the boat seems totally unlikely. While some of the fanbase love the idea of ​​bringing it back to 90s nostalgia, there would also be an uproar from the side about how embarrassing it was for the Islanders at that time.

Expect a super boring and simple jersey when they officially release.

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