These are the best mud boots you will find

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You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. If these shoes are steel-toed and snake-proof, they might have a thing or two to tell you. While workwear blogs obsess over piping, the most interesting – and perhaps the most striking – category of work boots has not been reviewed.

Known colloquially as “mud boots,” these kind of jumped galoshes provide both armor and traction for workers whose jobs require unconditional (and often semi-aquatic) protection. But it’s outside the clock that muck boots really shine. With a creepy fall upon us, we took the best performing shoe in functional footwear for a walk.


Boot brand Dunlop has been making protective rubber footwear for almost a century, but we’re glad the Hazmax Steel Toe hit the market after the color film. Bathed in a viscous acid green, the boot is made from a specially formulated PVC rubber that actually protects you from acidic sludge (or, in the words of the NFPA 1991 Safety Standard, “specified chemical, biological or radiological agents against terrorism “.)


For some, up to the waist is more than a metaphor. This is where LaCrosse comes in. The brand has been producing protective boots for workers and outdoor enthusiasts since 1897. The 32 inch Economy Hip Steel Toe is a symbol of their last legacy. The next time your friend tiptoes around a puddle to save their crispy kicks, show them these.

Economy 32" Waterproof steel-toe boot


A British shoemaker known for his “Wellies,” Hunter is the first choice of pastel makers and Nans gardeners. Their Balmoral adjustable rain boots contain a Vibram gorpy outsole and adjustable gusset, giving the standard rubbers a major upgrade. If you slip with these, it’s probably your fault.

Balmoral neoprene boots


What happened first: the muck boot or The Original Muck Boot Company? Either way, the eponymous underground has earned its reputation as the premier muckmaker maker. The Wetland Rubber Pro Snake is one of the strongest models of the brand, upgrading the famous Wetland Premium with a special rubber compound that makes it impervious to snake hits.

Mud boots

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