Thierry Henry’s retro Arsenal shirt on sale for £ 40 – but the real version costs £ 999

Thierry Henry received even more love from his already adored supporters on Sunday, as he was spotted in a retro Arsenal jersey overlooking the 3-1 win over Tottenham in the Emirates.

Arsenal’s all-time top scorer was seen wearing a retro shirt from 1992, when Ian Wright shot in goal at Highbury before Henry took over from the former England international.

Even though Henry’s playing days are over, the Frenchman continues to be very passionate about Arsenal, which was demonstrated on Sunday as he wore the shirt despite being surrounded by costumes in a very exclusive area. of the Emirates.

However, some eagle-eyed viewers identified Henry’s shirt as a cheaper replica, rather than an authentic version.

Thierry Henry wore his retro Arsenal jersey in the Emirates alongside Daniel Ek

Fans noticed that there was no Adidas logo above the Arsenal badge meaning the shirt was an unbranded replica, costing around £ 40 on the club’s website, as opposed to the version genuine – which can currently be found online for £ 999.

Theories have been developed as to why this was the case, with the Telegraph even suggesting that Henry may have taken it down due to its affiliation with other sports brands.

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Daniel Ek spotted with Thierry Henry at Arsenal vs Tottenham
Thierry Henry had an exhilarating match against Tottenham in the North London derby

However, it’s probably likely that Henry just acquired a cheaper version through the club themselves, as Arsenal have more affordable replicas in the retro section of their merchandise.

Either way, Arsenal fans won’t be too disappointed to see such a spectacle, and will be even happier with the fact that Henry was spotted with Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, who is worth around $ 3. $ 9bn (£ 2.9bn) and has shown interest in buying the club.

Henry has fully backed Ek’s buyout proposal to succeed the Kroenke family, who are not the most popular among club supporters, but their summer spending of £ 150million may suggest they are not considering not to give up the club anytime soon.

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